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11. Bush Blocked Iran Nuclear Deal

According to a former top Iranian negotiator, Seyed Hossein Mousavian, in 2005 Iran offered a deal to the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom that would have made it impossible for Iran to build nuclear weapons. At that time, Iran did not have the capability to fabricate fuel rods. The offer included the plan to ship its uranium to an “agreed upon country” for enrichment in exchange for yellowcake, the raw material used to make fuel rods. Once uranium is fabricated into fuel rods, it is practically impossible to reconvert for military purposes. As Gareth Porter reports for Consortium News, Mousavian’s account makes it clear that President George W. Bush’s administration “refused to countenance any Iranian enrichment capability, regardless of the circumstances.”

The French and German governments were prepared at the time to discuss the offer and open up negotiations, but the UK vetoed the proposal at the insistence of the United States. “They were ready to compromise but the US was an obstacle,” Mousavian reported in his 2012 memoir, The Iranian Nuclear Crisis.

The continuation of these negotiations could have headed off the current political crisis over the Iranian nuclear program, if not eliminated the threat of war and the strain of strict economic sanctions.

After the US and the UK rejected the offer, the European Union stated that more time was required to consider the proposal, but Mousavian’s team learned later that the EU had no intention of revisiting the proposal.

Mousavian quoted Francois Nicoullaud, the French ambassador to Iran, as saying that “for the United States the enrichment in Iran is a red line the EU cannot cross.” British representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Peter Jenkins recalled that “the British objective was to eliminate entirely Iran’s enrichment capability,” at the urging of the United States. One proposal placed a ceiling on the number of centrifuges and the scale of production so that it remained well below the levels necessary for the production of weaponry. Then British and American teams ignored these negotiations to put pressure on Iran with the threat of referral to the United Nations Security Council. As Iranian presidential elections approached, the talks were abandoned.

Now a visiting research scholar at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Mousavian was arrested by the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad administration on charges of espionage in April 2007.

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Bush Blocked Iran Nuclear Deal

Gareth Porter, “Bush Blocked Iran Disarmament Deal,” Consortium News, June 6, 2012,

Student Researcher: Seamus O’Herlihy (Santa Rosa Junior College)

Faculty Evaluator: Susan Rahman (Santa Rosa Junior College)


  • Jim February 14, 2014

    The Bush administration, especially Chaney, was the worst thing that ever happened to the USA. A coward that went awol from the National Guard and a coward that got married to keep from getting drafted. And the retardicans blame Obama for this economic mess. What a travesty of honesty.

    • Proud Republican March 4, 2014

      Actually, Obama has spent more money than any other President in American history combined. He has made us a slave to China by putting is in a multi-trillion dollar debt. Not to mention the fact that he wants to take taxpayers money and pay for healthcare of those who don’t work for it. And, he supports a broken welfare system that pays more money and has more benefits than working a minimum wage job. So, we have people abusing the welfare system. Not to mention you support destroying the future lives of unborn children. How about a history lesson? You call us Retardicans but in reality, we voted to abolish slavery with almost no Democratic support. And now you Liberals try to preach equality when not to long ago you were against it. Everyone forgets that MLK was a Republican, and for a good reason. He believed in having equal opportunity to work and support a family, not sit on his ass and make the government fend for him. And now we have liberals, such as yourself, blaming Republicans for your screw ups. Not to mention that almost all of your political views and ideas fail. Before you try to bash your opposing party make sure you at least have something intelligent to say.

      • William Brennan March 30, 2014

        1. Total federal outlays under the Obama administration are on the order of 14 trillion dollars. As you can see at , Obama has not spent more money than all other presidents combined. It is true that federal outlays are greater than under any other President, but much of this is due to inflation, and I fail to understand why this is inherently a problem.

        2. At our current technological level, there is no reason it is necessary for everyone to work. What is the point of advancing technology if it does not reduce the demands of work? Taxes are not nearly high enough to eliminate the incentive to work hard and be successful. It’s also worth noting that numerous studies have shown that happiness does not increase with more wealth past about $150K/year.

        3. The brain is the seat of thought. We assign value to life based upon its sentience, near-sentience, or capacity for real feelings (hence stronger rules on treatment of primates and cetaceans than livestock). Something without a brain, or without brain waves characteristic of higher intelligence, by that definition cannot be assigned the same value of human life. The fetus does not have such a brain until roughly the seventh month, so destroying the fetus up to that point is no different morally from crushing an annoying insect or putting down a dog. After that time, of course, I quite agree with you.

        4. That’s true. All I can say is that we both have some good ideas, and that derogatory names for members of either party don’t help anything.

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