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14. Wireless Technology a Looming Health Crisis

As a multitude of hazardous wireless technologies are deployed in homes, schools, and workplaces, government officials and industry representatives continue to insist on their safety despite growing evidence to the contrary. Extensive deployment of “smart grid” technology hastens this looming health crisis.

By now many residents in the United States and Canada have smart meters—which transfer detailed information on residents’ electrical usage back to the utility every few minutes—installed on their dwellings. Each meter has an electronic cellular transmitter that uses powerful bursts of electromagnetic radio frequency (RF) radiation to communicate with nearby meters, which together form an interlocking network. Such information can easily be used to determine individual patterns of behavior based on power consumption.

Utilities sell smart grid technology to the public as a way to “empower” individual energy consumers, allowing them to access information on their energy usage so that they may eventually save money by programming “smart” (i.e., wireless-enabled) home appliances and equipment to run when electrical rates are lowest. In other words, a broader plan behind smart grid technology involves a tiered rate system for electricity consumption that will be set by the utility, to which customers will have no choice but to conform.

Censored #14

Wireless Technology a Looming Health Crisis

James F. Tracy, “Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and the Toxification of America,” Global Research, July 8, 2012,

Student Researcher: Lyndsey Casey (Sonoma State University)

Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips (Sonoma State University)


  • Sandaura October 8, 2013

    We need our new generation of leaders to step up and get involved in the wireless fight. It is time for a revolution as Jesse Ventura is talking about. Our rights, constitution has been kidnapped and slowly dismantled over the last 100 years. We can’t afford to wait for change. We have to make it happen and now.

  • brian October 8, 2013

    Does the military know what it is doing to you? You bet, and they have for decades! Find out the results of their microwave tests on humans to anything you can imagine!

  • Mr. Tiger November 8, 2013

    Get help. This isn’t journalism, this is a conspiracy theory.

    • C Peters November 21, 2013

      Yea right! Mr Tiger, microwaves are really good for all life forms, keep drinking fluoride dude….

    • SBwalker December 27, 2013

      Thanks Tiger, Most smart meters send their data over the power lines they are metering. Very few smart meters try to contact a distant cell tower.

  • nerdpocalypse December 27, 2013

    “a tiered rate system for electricity consumption that will be set by the utility, to which customers will have no choice but to conform.” Yes, this is a real concern. Like you can’t heat/cool your home except after midnight and before 6 a.m.

    But health concern ? Maybe… but wasn’t stated. You’d have to make a case that the low energy radiation was already doing… well… something. Brain cancer… nuh-uh, hasn’t happened. Mental confusion such that net articles bury the lead… oh ! that worries me !

  • DanDeMan December 27, 2013

    James F. Tracy, who wrote the article used for #14, is a crackpot. GOOGLE his name for laughs. The jurno students and their advisers need to do a bit better job. Credibility matters. James F. Tracy has none; ergo, the same can be said for the jurno students and their advisers.

  • Ariunzaya January 2, 2014

    The primary citation of information for this article is James F. Tracy. He is also listed as an “affiliate” your project. His credibility is in serious jeopardy due to unsubstantiated conspiracy theories such as the “Newtown Massacre” theory whereby he states that “the media’s coverage of the tragedy was orchestrated to further gun control legislation. The topic is still being discussed, but the story is no longer about just the Newtown conspiracy theory, it is about Tracy himself.” (source: international business times).
    PLEASE clean up your sources. And also: Why isn’t the Snowden story, for example, one of the 25 on the list??

    • Elsa January 3, 2014

      Playing it on the people instead of on what they say is a very effective method used frequently by the government and mainstream media so why not investigate these claims yourself? If you believe Snowden is being set up why not Tracy?

    • Mickey Huff January 3, 2014

      We know Dr. Tracy well, and while he has been the focus of some controversy (esp. distorted and taken out of context by the corporate media), his work with us the past couple of years has been quite scholarly. His work with the Union For Democratic Communications and the chapters and analysis he has done for us (both with the Top 25 and in other parts of our books). His work on the technology story is further supported by a growing body of data which has lead some countries to apply more cautionary principles in public policy re everyday technologies (cell phones, microwaves, wifi, nanoparticles, etc.). If you have more than ad hominem attacks for Dr. Tracy, you can direct your remarks to him at his blog (which is easily found on Google).

      As for Snowden, our book goes to print in June. Our cycle for story submissions runs from April to April, and the Snowden story broke after that, so it will likely be in the next volume in some capacity. We hope that helps clear up a few of your concerns. Thank you for taking time to make comment.

    • James F. Tracy January 4, 2014

      Dear “Ariunzaya”,

      If you wish to base your assertions here on rumor and innuendo that is your choice. However, I’ve come to anticipate a higher standard for those who look to Project Censored’s work on media censorship, which is why I am honored to be a supporter and affiliate. If, on the other hand, you wish to travel the high road, engage in serious discussion and bring to my attention any specific oversights or inaccuracies in my analyses of the Sandy Hook Massacre, please feel free to contact me at All of my articles on Sandy Hook are available here:

      I look forward to your response and will be happy to engagewith and publish any of your critiques.

      James F. Tracy, Ph.D.

  • Paul Meyer January 9, 2014

    Moreover, the “smart” meter has the ability to DISCONTINUE service (deliverance of electricity) without warning or judicial review.

  • JT February 1, 2014

    Open letter to former 102.7 WNEW SpyRadio DJ Vin Scelsa; Remember this?

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Remember the terrible things the CIA financed management was making your friends do at WNEW. Remember the day, you said; Radios and TV’s are wired in such a way that everything said within the vicinity of those electronic devices comes right back to us! Remember the day, you lost your balls and clamed up? Now you’re a boring old man with nothing to say! Damn you, Vin Scelsa, you could have become the first Edward Snowden.

    I have not forgotten the Human Right Violations Committed nor the pain, suffering, and lives destroyed by the parasites employing you! John Lennon was riddled was bullets because Mark Dave Chapman didn’t know the address of Spook Central. What did he say before he died, “Somehow the wires got crossed, I’m in a stranger’s room; what the hell am I doing here?” The woman from Hoboken who shot to death a female FCC Clerk right in the middle of rush hour, and put the still smoking pistol in her purse, only demanded an end to the spying! But of course, it was so much more than that, when you can remotely torture and even kill people from a cowardly distance.

    Is it any wonder then that in April 2004 as armed forces massed for attack, an American Soldier renamed the terrorist town of Fallujah, WNEW’ His battle cry can’t be repeated here due to such powerful content.

    If you could summon the courage, I welcome a reply but the guilty always wait until it is too late!
    Nevertheless, I am offering you a chance to dispute the charges and tell your side of the story! This offer will not be repeated, after all, I waited 36 years, and every time I tried to debate you; you ran away! What did you think? I was going to smack the shit out of you, like that kid in the alley, back in Bayonne. Actually, I pitied you since 1978 at the Capital Theater. Because I made love to all the pretty women, I knew you could never get!

    I also captured the microchip-bugging device planted in the drop ceiling of my home, using burst modem transmissions that sent video as well as audio back to WNEW. Of course, you’ll think of some lame excuse to deny it; but guess, who told me where to find it. Who’ll be surprised at the pictures a 35-mm camera can take through a microscope using a special adapter. One of my favorites captures the pulsing light in the black heart of darkness.

    Jim Morrison once said, “I want to have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames!” Ironically, the dead, former OSS John W. Kluge, owner of Metromedia and the SpyRadio Network, married a soft-porn actress and had a swank wedding down the road from the Queen of England. Once the thrill of wealth wore off though, she got bored with the little prick and had an affair with a black man, whose ancestors were slaves. When Kluge found out, their 250-room mansion, burned to the ground. Now isn’t that poetic justice? Oh yeah, guess where he is now?

    A 1985 Boycott WNEW SpyRadio bumper sticker was in the picture that’s couldn’t displayed here. It was laid over the January 15, 2014 FrontPage of The NY Post’ that declared the bugging of 100,000 computers on a covert frequency, Spy Radio!

    N.S.A. uses microcircuits transmitting on a covert frequency to a relay up to 8 miles away!

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