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25. Evidence Points to Guantánamo Dryboarding

In June 2006, three Guantánamo prisoners were found dead in their cells, hanging from what appeared to be makeshift nooses. Although the Department of Defense declared the deaths suicides, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) inquiry found evidence inconsistent with suicide—including the fact that the prisoners’ hands were bound behind their backs. The NCIS evidence suggests that the prisoners died from lethal interrogations that included dryboarding, a technique using controlled suffocation.

Censored News Cluster: Human Costs of War and Violence

Almerindo Ojeda, “Death in Guantánamo: Suicide or Dry Boarding?” Truthout, November 3, 2011,

Jeffrey Kaye, “Citing Truthout Report, UN Special Rapporteur ‘Looking Into’ Guantanamo ‘Suicides,’” Truthout, March 27, 2012,

Student Researcher: Dane Steffy (Sonoma State University)

Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips (Sonoma State University)

  • charles fox October 20, 2012

    Imagine Brian Williams leading the evening news with this feculent gem. Oh, the ads they’d sell!

  • charles fox October 20, 2012

    Imagine Brian Williams leading the evening news with this feculent gem. Oh, the ads they’d sell!

  • dodgy gent August 15, 2013

    Imagine Brian Williams being dryboarded on NBC news. A fitting reward for his lifetime of press-titution.

  • Amerikagulag August 15, 2013

    Israel LOVES Guantanimo. That’s all that’s important.

  • Kevin Berry September 26, 2013

    I will never comment on what I say here, my words may NOT be used in any other publication. I am not explaining what I have seen nor am I telling any secure information I was involved in while stationed at GTMO Cuba.

    I am upset seeing what everyone thinks about the rulings or findings on what has happened in GTMO. the simple fact is that there are prisoners whom commit suicide in the US. The guards at these prisons are not ever termed to be killers, or dry boarders. Why am I so quite about my service in the military because of news articles like this one. How can I defend myself and not be viewed like I was a guard Auschwitz. I served 15 months in GTMO Bay. the weather was warm and I was away from my family. When I flew home I knew for the rest of my life I would be viewed like a criminal however well I served my country with pride. I committed no war atrocities.

    I have looked for a job in the local county law enforcement during the question phase I was asked about my service in GTMO I am not allowed to speak about what I did at work. After being pressed to answer I kept my quite and lost the job. Please think about the effects you news can create there are guards that are in GTMO that serve the country with pride and do a great job every day.

    The reporting In this article is bias. Don’t expect to be viewed at a higher level if you don’t care about what you write.

    Take a close look at what it takes to hang in a cell. What cell size has to do with size of the person in the cell trying to commit suicide. Has any prisoner in the US, EVER BEEN FOUND DEAD IN THERE CELL with there hands bound behind the back, The GTMO prison like I have read on line is the same as the super max in colorado.

    • larry January 2, 2014

      Sorry, guess you shouldn’t have agreed to go to a place where they torture people. You ever heard of guilt by association? With your experience you should make a typical cop.

    • JC January 29, 2014

      You are a traitor to the USA, an honorable soldier would have refused to participate in these war crimes. If YOU were there guarding the place… YOU ARE A WAR CRIMINAL.

      The only reason you did not refuse is that you know that your superiors would throw you in jail along with all those other innocent “detainees” another name for kidnap victims which is exactly what they are.


      If you had “any” real morals at all you would resign from the military tomorrow.

    • Kitty March 4, 2014

      I’m sorry that people treat you harshly just because of where you served, it must hurt. It’s not like you have much choice in where you’re stationed and, as far as I know, you can’t exactly make many decisions of you own within your orders. I have a feeling that if you were to make your own call, even if only once, you’d be punished or removed from military service. My knowledge only goes as far as my dad working for the Air Force in my hometown filling up planes and other minor duties so it’s more than likely that I don’t know much, so if I’m wrong I’m sorry. But I do concern myself about the prisoners at GTMO being held there without any trial. It is a US pressence so in my personal opinion, as long as you are a US citizen, and more importanly, a soldier representing, enforcing, and defending the Constitution, you should abide by it.

  • Spongebob Squarepants October 8, 2013

    What? This is WEIRD

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