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Over 300 US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Since 2006

New government reports released by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism demonstrate the nature and extent of a far-reaching CIA drone attack program waged against the Pakistani population the deaths of an estimated 2,371 people.

The most detailed authoritative record of US drone activity in Pakistan yet available shows a “strike-by-strike account” including the time and place of each assault, with the identity of each homeowner provided in some cases. The document is significant because it offers the prospect of understanding Pakistan’s view of each incident with that of other organizations.

The Bureau notes how the disclosed documents are from information given to the FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) Secretariat each evening by local Political Agents in the field. The records are one of numerous sources of information the Pakistani government has on US drone activity in the nation.

The recovered data curiously stops recording civilian casualties after 2008, while even failing to mention details of civilian deaths broadly recognized by Pakistani authorities. It also strangely omits information from the year 2007.

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Student Researcher: Kathryn Wohlpart (Florida Atlantic University)

Faculty Evaluator: James F. Tracy (Florida Atlantic University)

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