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9/11 Film Festival Oakland Grand Lake Theater

It’s the 9th Annual Nine Eleven Film Festival, Wednesday, September 11th, One to Eleven PM at the Grand Lake Theatre, Oakland.

This year’s theme:  Fifty Years of Betrayal:  From JFK to Today.  Many short films on 9/11 and the assassinations of the ‘60s will be screened.

New feature length films include Bill Still’s, Jekyll Island – The Truth Behind the Federal ReserveProject Censored:  The MovieNATO’s Secret Army:  Gladio; and the evening feature:  9/11 In the Academic Community.

New this year! If you can not make the show you can live stream it below. The web pass ticket is $5 and it is good to see the archives after the event until Sept 30th.

9/11 Truth Film Festival 2013

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   Time   Length
   1:00     8 min.   RFK – Nina Rhodes-Hughes
   1:08     8   RFK must Die epilog:  Shane O’Sullivan
   1:16     60   JFK compilation
    2:16     8   Peter Phillips on JFK
   2:24     6   State of Mind  – trailer
   2:30   126   Jekyll Island –
                           The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve
   4:36      6     Carol Brouillet on money
   4:42      6    Music by Bernie Rauch
   4:49      1    Announcement: upcoming Operation Terror showing
   4:50   36    Counter-Intelligence by Scott Noble
                           • Conspiracy Theories
                           • Courage: A Tribute to Whistleblowers
   5:26   10    Abby Martin vs. Rachel Maddow on RT
   5:36   10   Abby Martin & Lance deHaven-Smith on RT
   5:46      8    Mickey Huff on media
   5:54   66   Project Censored the Movie:
                                    Ending the Reign of Junk Food News
   7:00   11    Filmmakers Chris Oscar and Doug Hecker
   7:11      4   Ken Jenkins on ReThink 9/11
   7:15      6   ReThink 9/11 video
   7:21   10    Tribute to Bob Bowman w/ video
   7:30    77   9/11 in the Academic Community
    8:47   14    Discussion about … Academic … with Mickey Huff & Paul Rea
    9:01   20    Gladio (NATO’s Secret Army) by Scott Noble
    9:21   10    An Act of State (MLK) music video by Vic Sadot
    9:32   54    Who Killed Martin Luther King? by John Edginton
  10:25   37    Crime Stores-Prime Suspects from Court TV
                      Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?
  11:02       8       Glenn Greenwald interviews Edward Snowden
  • Wilma September 12, 2013

    I love Abbey Martin!

  • jason September 12, 2013

    The sound is really low. I have computer and browser turned up full blast and can barely hear it. Very disappointing. Other items on computer okay.

  • jason September 12, 2013

    sound got better now thanks! hope replay is better too.

  • Peter Valentino February 25, 2014

    Is there going to be another festival this year? If so how can I submit a film about 911?

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