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The Daily Censored News website has been around for one year now and we are getting stronger by the day. We now have over 1,000 people each day visiting the site, over 70 sites linked in, and almost 350 organizations following our newsfeed. Although we have grown tremendously over the past year, in order to fight corporate biased media we need more help.

If you or someone you know likes to blog about what is going on in the world today, here is your chance. We are now accepting new Guest Bloggers and Permanent Writers for The Daily Censored News. You will have your chance to say what you think about current issues, ideas, and topics not commonly covered in the mainstream media. You can contact Adam Armstrong at if interested. Please include a small biography and a picture of yourself if you would like to start blogging. We will set up an account for you and get you on your way to exposing the REAL news.

We would also like to thank our current contributors for their recent entries. Here are a couple recent entries:

Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? By Mark J Adams MBA

Citizens Prevented from Making Government Accountable by the Denial of Access to Impartial Judicial Review of Malfeasance.  By Isidoro Rodriguez

How Bush’s Court May Undo Democracy. By Dr. Michael I. Niman

Thank you for your continued support. If you are involved in an organization or website and would like to exchange links or are interested in advertising, please contact:

Adam Armstrong at

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  • Rod March 15, 2014

    We would also like to thank our current contributors for their recent entries. Here are a couple recent entries:

    These entries aren’t exactly current. They’re 2009 that’s five years ago. How about something current like the situation in the Ukraine and the almost nonexistent reports on the shooting of police and protesters by the same weapons. That’s current.

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