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Ethics Alerts (EAs) cover stories about serious ethical violations censored by corporate media–from fraud and embezzlement to willful endangerment of innocent lives, war crimes, and even mass murder. Written by students who have studied applied ethics at the university or college level, all EAs consist of two parts: (1) a synopsis of the story’s facts in the form of a Validated Independent News story (or VIN); and (2) an ethical analysis of the VIN, which reveals the seriousness of the ethical violation. This award-winning program adds a new analytic, editorial dimension to the citizen journalism that is emblematic of Project Censored.

Revolution of genome scanning

For more than a decade scientists have discovered that a genomic revolution is transforming medicine, the genome scan of a person’s DNA can predict risks and customize medical care. Researchers at Stanford University tested the technology on 12 people, and they are not satisfied with the technology’s performance. The genome scanning uses the machines to […]

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Is Inbreeding Endangered Rhinos Ethical? Crossing Ethical Boundaries in Preserving Endangered Species

The number of Sumatran Rhinos still living are rapidly decreasing. There are only an estimated one hundred of these rare endangered species roaming free in the wild. Not only are the Sumatran Rhinos endangered, there are a few other types of rhinos that are in crisis. There is a unique ethical issue that arises with […]

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Why is palm oil so controversial?

Palm oil is everywhere. This globally traded vegetable oil is found in thousands of products you buy off the shelf, like ice cream, chocolate, biscuits, toothpaste, soap, cosmetics. Palm oil is in hundreds of products we routinely buy yet, environmentally, it’s incredibly destructive. Although palm oil is relatively cheaper to produce, animals and indigenous communities […]

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A New Form of Homicide in Canada’s Prisons: The Case of Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith, a nineteen year old, mentally ill, inmate committed suicide while under suicide watch at a Correctional Institute in Canada. Ms. Smith was imprisoned at fifteen for throwing apples at a postal worker. During her imprisonment she suffered multiple cases of emotional and physical abuse. The first and mildest abuse she suffered was being […]

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California State Sen. Leland Yee charged with promising guns, missiles from Muslim group to agent for campaign donations

The California State Senator, Leland Yee, has been charged with the conspiracy to deal firearms, as well as wire fraud. Yee was arrested for promising shoulder-fired automatic weapons and missiles from a Muslim separatist group to an undercover FBI-agent in exchange for donations towards his campaign. The allegations towards Yee outlined in an affidavit from […]

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