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Digging Deeper: Politico-Corporate Media Manipulation, Critical Thinking, and Democracy

The following is a chapter from Project Censored 2014 written by Elliot D. Cohen The Myth of the Lemmings In 1958, the Disney Corporation, which now owns ABC, produced a film, White Wilderness, as part of its “True Life Adventure” series. The film showed lemmings, small mouse-like rodents, supposedly committing mass suicide by leaping into […]

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Slowing Cargo Ships Helps Save Ozone Layer

This story is about cargo ships slowing down to enter ports to cut down on pollution. According to the University of California, if a cargo ship goes from 25 to 30 miles an hour to just around fifteen mile an hour, it would cut down on nitrogen oxides which is the main ingredient in smog by […]

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Persons with Low Level HIV, No Duty to Disclose to Sex Partners

The Supreme Court in Ottawa ruled that as long people living with HIV have low levels of the virus and use a condom they do not have to report their viral status to the people with whom they are sexually active. The court believes that since the medical treatment has improved since 1998 there really […]

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Ethiopian Soldiers Commit Torture, Rape

On the east coast of Africa lies Ethiopia, a country that has recently suffered new villagization abuses. On April 2012, an attack occurred by unidentified armed men on the Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc. The gunmen killed one Pakistani and four Ethiopian employees. The Ethiopian military responded to the attack with arbitrary arrest, rape, forced […]

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Resisting the Cancervative Agenda

This story is about how last spring the conservative Canadian government started denying chemotherapy to immigrants; not only that, they are forcing native Canadian communities to live amid carcinogenic tar sands. Chemotherapy uses chemical agents to treat diseases, infections, and other disorders, especially cancer. Carcinogenic Tar sands oil is a high carbon fuel strip- mined […]

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