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Ethics Alerts (EAs) cover stories about serious ethical violations censored by corporate media–from fraud and embezzlement to willful endangerment of innocent lives, war crimes, and even mass murder. Written by students who have studied applied ethics at the university or college level, all EAs consist of two parts: (1) a synopsis of the story’s facts in the form of a Validated Independent News story (or VIN); and (2) an ethical analysis of the VIN, which reveals the seriousness of the ethical violation. This award-winning program adds a new analytic, editorial dimension to the citizen journalism that is emblematic of Project Censored.

Scorpion Genes in Genetically Modified Food

According to Global Agricultural Research Partnership, with each new year, 75 million or so people become a part of this universe. This will require new levels of expertise in food production. 75% of the additional food to feed these new people will have to come from soil that is already being used agriculturally.   For this […]

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The Republican Plan to Invalidate Scientific Research

Republicans are currently funding research that goes along with their plans and beliefs rather than what science has actually proven. As Americans we have the right to a democracy based on what we believe in and whom we think represents those beliefs. However, Republicans are paying companies to get rid of the truth and find […]

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Reporting Miscarriages, Criminalizing Pregnant Women’s Bodies

A proposed bill in Kansas would require women to report miscarriages at any stage in pregnancy. This has been described as the first step along the path to criminalizing pregnant women’s bodies. Under an amendment attached to HB 2613, doctors would be required to report all of their patients’ miscarriages to the state health department. […]

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Proof that Corporate Tax Cuts Have Done More Harm Than Good

The percentage of taxes that corporations pay today are near the record lows of the United States’ total tax bill, even though these corporations are bringing in huge profits. Although this is happening, the unemployment rate still remains high. A study completed by the Center for Effective Government and National People’s Action shows the damage […]

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US Plans to Speed Poultry Slaughtering, Cut Inspections

The government is now finalizing the decision on whether or not the plan for speeding and cutting the inspection of poultry should be passed. Originally the plan was proposed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The poultry industry has been seeking these changes for many years now. The proposed rule wants the speed in […]

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