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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Los Angeles, California: A Latino teen from East Lost Angeles, Mario Rocha, was convicted of first-degree murder and attempted murder. Rocha was tried as an adult and was sentenced to life in prison. But was he actually guilty? He attended a party in Holland Park, California where a young man was shot and killed, another, […]

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Greed’s Contamination

High levels of arsenic have been found in the soil and ground water near a gold mine in the south Indian state of Karnataka. Arsenic is defined as “a grayish-white element having a metallic luster, vaporizing when heated and forming poisonous compounds.” Arsenic cannot be boiled out of the contaminated water supply since it will […]

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Flaws in the System

David Kwiatkowski a traveling medical technician is accused of contaminating possibly dozens of patients with the Hepatitis C virus. This could have easily been avoided had there been a national database for all healthcare workers. This story begins as 33 year old traveling Radiology technician began a temporary job at the University of Pittsburg Medical […]

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Corporate Mainstream Media Stigmatizes Hispanics

The United States of America is an ever-growing country with people of divers backgrounds. Latinos are one of the more abundant groups of people with different racial backgrounds. Latin American numbers in the U.S are ever increasing . They are becoming a driving force in labor and are beginning to become more active in politics […]

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Grieving family wins right to harvest eggs from daughter who died in car crash

If a woman does not reproduce when she is alive then she shall never reproduce, or shall she? Scientific studies have proven that collection of a woman’s egg or a man’s semen can be used to reproduce even after death. This story is regarding the case of Chen Aida Ayash, a young seventeen year old […]

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