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Ethics Alerts (EAs) cover stories about serious ethical violations censored by corporate media–from fraud and embezzlement to willful endangerment of innocent lives, war crimes, and even mass murder. Written by students who have studied applied ethics at the university or college level, all EAs consist of two parts: (1) a synopsis of the story’s facts in the form of a Validated Independent News story (or VIN); and (2) an ethical analysis of the VIN, which reveals the seriousness of the ethical violation. This award-winning program adds a new analytic, editorial dimension to the citizen journalism that is emblematic of Project Censored.

Thomas Parish Community: Source of child sex trafficking?

In St. Thomas, Jamaica, data has proven that many parents are selling their children for sexual exploitation in exchange for monetary compensation. They believe that if as long as the girl is consenting, even if under sixteen, she can decide whether or not she wants to engage in sexual activities without getting the police involved. […]

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If It Looks Like A Duck: The L.A. Times takes police badges into consideration before accusing two men of “rape”

On January 4, 2013 there was an article published in the Los Angeles Times about suspicious crime in their Police Department. The two men pointed at were retired policemen Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols. The two men were accused of threatening four women with jail time if they did not have sex with them. The […]

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A Village for Persons with Dementia

There’s a new choice being practiced in the Netherlands for persons with dementia, a choice that gives great opportunity for all individuals that have this fatal disease. There’s only one of its kind in the world and it has been created to bring about a complete sense of “normalcy” and autonomy. The choice comes in […]

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Click Fraud Hurts the Small Net Business, Not Just Big Search Engines like Google

It is common for Internet users to make a little money on the side through ads. But, what if this blogger is able to generate more income from solicited clicks? In order to make money from ads, bloggers need their readers to click on one of the various advertisements hosted on their page. Each click […]

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Was The Federal Government Involved in Boston Bombing?

The Boston Marathon bombing happen almost a year ago on April 15,2013. There were two bombs that went off on the sidelines of the annual Boston Marathon. There were over 200 people injured and a total of 3 deaths. The suspects were soon identified as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and the FBI took over the […]

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