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Ethics Alerts (EAs) cover stories about serious ethical violations censored by corporate media–from fraud and embezzlement to willful endangerment of innocent lives, war crimes, and even mass murder. Written by students who have studied applied ethics at the university or college level, all EAs consist of two parts: (1) a synopsis of the story’s facts in the form of a Validated Independent News story (or VIN); and (2) an ethical analysis of the VIN, which reveals the seriousness of the ethical violation. This award-winning program adds a new analytic, editorial dimension to the citizen journalism that is emblematic of Project Censored.

School Data Profiteering

How far will corporations go to make a profit? They have no shame in manipulating other organizations and societies to make money. Corporations have gone as far as using education to make a profit. inBloom, a non-profit organization, has begun to test new cloud-based software that will collect students information from their school records with […]

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Sugar, Aspartame or AminoSweet, which one is better for you?

Headache, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, cancer, worsened or mimicked symptoms of diseases and conditions such as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue and depression. If any of these awesome problems appeal to you, then choose Aspartame or AminoSweet and keep drinking that diet pop and chewing bubble gum! Thirty years ago […]

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Is Amazon About to Help Obama Assassinate an American Citizen?

In February of 2014, President Obama was considering whether to order the Central Intelligence Agency to kill a United States citizen in Pakistan who was believed to be plotting terrorist attacks. One important part of this story is the fact that this person is an American citizen. Another is that “it’s very rare and an […]

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Australia Is Again Stealing Its Indigenous Children

Aboriginal mothers in Australia are having their children snatched right from under their noses. Child welfare officers come inside the mothers’ houses and take their children; they don’t tell the mothers why they’re taking them or even where they’re taking them. These children are “removed” and given to “indigenous caregivers,” but, allegedly, the real reason […]

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A Debate on Torture: Legal Architect of CIA Secret Prisons, Rendition vs. Human Rights Attorney

This article contains a transcript of a debate between former CIA Acting General Counsel John Rizzo and human rights attorney Scott Horton, which occurred as a result of the criticism towards the Obama Administration for closing the investigation on the actions of CIA officials post 9/11. The debate is about the brutal methods the CIA […]

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