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Ethics Alerts (EAs) cover stories about serious ethical violations censored by corporate media–from fraud and embezzlement to willful endangerment of innocent lives, war crimes, and even mass murder. Written by students who have studied applied ethics at the university or college level, all EAs consist of two parts: (1) a synopsis of the story’s facts in the form of a Validated Independent News story (or VIN); and (2) an ethical analysis of the VIN, which reveals the seriousness of the ethical violation. This award-winning program adds a new analytic, editorial dimension to the citizen journalism that is emblematic of Project Censored.

Corn Fed Cows Portend Dangerous Consequences For Both Man and Beast

During the past thirty years the agriculture industry has attempted to turn the cow into the perfect food-producing machine. In an attempt to maximize beef and milk production, while simultaneously lowering costs, the diets of beef and dairy cattle have been altered from mostly grass to mostly corn and corn byproducts. This change in diet […]

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China’s One-Child Policy

One of the most criticized and controversial issues of today concerns China’s famous one-child policy, which, from the very beginning, has received a great deal of negative criticism from all over the world. This policy is generally not accepted by people outside of China but throughout the course of research, I found the policy to […]

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Man Sent to Prison for Collecting Rainwater

In Eagle Point, Oregon, Gary Harrington was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail and pay a fine over $1,500 for having three reservoirs for collecting rainwater. He claimed that he tried getting permits for storing rainwater or snow melts, but they have been denied. He said to CBS News that there was no law […]

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If churches paid taxes, would it be enough to pay for all the food stamps for every person on welfare?

Should US churches be tax exempt? How much would the government earn if churches paid taxes?  If churches paid taxes, would it be enough to pay for all the food stamps for every person on welfare?  Since the 1890’s, US churches have been tax exempt. They received an official federal income tax exemption in 1894 […]

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Are Charter Schools Really Any Better than Public Schools

According to the article, Charter Schools and the Future of Public Education, by Stan Karp, there is no difference in cognitive achievement when comparing charter school and non-charter school students. Also, teachers in charter schools are paid significantly less and are often much more likely to become discouraged and quit their positions. In contrast, administrative […]

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