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Top 25 of 2001

10. Silicon Valley Uses Immigrant Engineers to Keep Salaries

Sources: LABOR NOTES, September 2000, Title: “Immigrants Find High-Tech Servitude in Silicon Valley,” Author: David Bacon; WASHINGTON FREE PRESS, July/August 2000, Title: “Silicon Valley Sweatshops,” Author: David Bacon; Corporate Media Coverage: San Francisco Chronicle, September 29, 2000, p. A29 Community Evaluators: Fred Fletcher, Ervand Peterson Student Researchers: Ambrosia Crumley, Jennifer Swift, Terrie Girdner, Naomi Igra […]

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9. EPA Plans to Disburse Toxic/Radioactive Wastes into Denver’s Sewage System

The Progressive, May 2000 Title: Plutonium Pancakes Author: Will Fantle Faculty evaluator: Randy Dodgen, Ph.D. Student researchers: Kim Roberts and Mike Graves The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to pump toxic waste water into Denver’s sewer system in order to clean up a Superfund site at the Lowry landfill. Between 1950 and 1980, at […]

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8. Drug Companies Influence Doctors and Health Organizations to Push Meds

Washington Monthly, May 12, 2000 Title: Drug Rush Author: Stephen Pomper MOJO Wire Magazine, November/December 1999 Title: Authors: Ken Silverstein Dendron #43, Spring, 2000 Title: NAMI: The Story Behind the Story Author: David Oaks Networker, March/April 2000 Title: Exposing the Mythmakers Authors: Barry Duncan, Scott Miller Jacqueline Sparks Faculty evaluators: Victor […]

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7. Independent Study Points to Dangers of Genetically Altered Foods

In These Times, January 10, 2000 Title: No Small (Genetic) Potatoes Author: Joel Bleifuss Extra!, May/June 2000 Title: Genetic Gambling Author: Karen Charman Multinational Monitor, January-February, 2000 Title: Don’t Ask, Don’t know Author: Ben Lilliston Corporate news coverage: Wide coverage in England including The Independent, The Herald, Irish Times, The Guardian, The Times […]

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6. International Report Blames U.S. and Others for Genocide in Rwanda

Alternet, July 25, 2000 Title: Loyal Opposition: Clinton Allowed Genocide Author: David Corn CovertAction Quarterly, Spring/Summer 2000 Title: The Role of the U.S. Military Author: Ellen Ray Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips, Ph.D. Student Researchers: Adam Sullens, Michael Runas Bill Clinton and his administration allowed the genocide of 500,000 to 800,000 people in Rwanda in […]

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