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Top 25 of 2001

5. U.S. Taxpayers Underwrite Global Nuclear Power Plant Sales

The Progressive, March 2000 Title: Pushing the Nuclear Plants: A U.S. Agency Hooks Foreign Clients Author: Ken Silverstein and Ian Urbina Faculty Evaluator: Wingham Liddell, Ph.D. Student Researchers: Ambrosia Crumley, Licia Marshall, Adam Sullens The U.S. tax-supported Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) is solidly backing major U.S. nuclear contractors such as Westinghouse, Bechtel, and General Electric […]

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4. Did the U.S. Deliberately Bomb the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade?

In These Times A Tragic Mistake? 12/12/99 Author: Joel Bleifuss In These Times 6/26/00 Title: Mission Implausible Author: Seth Ackerman Pacific News 10/20/99 Title: Reports Showing U.S. Deliberately Bombed Chinese Embassy Deliberately Ignored by U.S. Media Author: Yoichi Shimatsu Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting 2/ 9/2000 Title: NY Times on Chinese Embassy Bombing: […]

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3. U.S. Army’s Psychological Operations Personnel Worked at CNN

Counterpunch 2/16/2000, 3/1/2000, Title: CNN and PSYOPS Author: Alexander Cockburn Foreign coverage: Trouw (Dutch daily newspaper) 2/21/2000, Japan economic Newswire, 4/5/2000, Le Monde Du Renseignement 2/17/2000, The Guardian 4/12/2000 U.S. Coverage; National Public Radio, 4/10/2000, 4/16/2000, Tampa Tribune 4/23/2000, pg.6, TV Guide 4/2000 Faculty Evaluators: Andy Merrifield Ph.D., Elizabeth Burch Ph.D. Student researchers: […]

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2. OSHA Fails to Protect U.S. Workers

The Progressive February 2000 Title: Losing Life and Limb on the Job Author: Christopher D. Cook Faculty and community evaluators: Fred Fletcher, Virginia Lea, Ph.D. Student researchers: Mike Graves, Ambrosia Crumley, Dana Balicki United States labor laws are poorly enforced and fail to meet the basic human rights of U.S. workers. Each year, about […]

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1. World Bank and Multinational Corporations Seek to Privatize Water

International Forum on Globalization: Special Report June 1999/ from PRIME 7/10/00 Title: The Global Water Crisis and the Commodification of the World’s Water Supply Author: Maude Barlow THIS July/August 2000 Title: Just Add Water Author: Jim Shultz In These Times Water Fallout: Bolivians Battle Globalization MAY 15, 2000 Author: Jim Shultz Canadian Dimension […]

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