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Top 25 of 1996

15. The Rebirth of Slavery in the Dark Heart of Sudan

Source: THE BOSTON PHOENIX Date: 6/30/95; “Africa’s Invisible Slaves: Human bondage resurfaces in the dark heart of Sudan” Author: Tim Sandler SYNOPSIS: From mass murder in Rwanda to mass starvation in Somalia, Africa’s horrors continue to shake the world’s sensibilities. Yet, despite heightened attention to Africa’s troubles, its largest country, Sudan, still harbors the continent’s […]

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14. The Gulf War Syndrome Cover-Up

Source: COVERT/ACTION QUARTERLY Date: Summer 1995; “Gulf War Syndrome Covered Up: Chemical and Biological Agents Exposed” Author: Dennis Bernstein SYNOPSIS: While the Pentagon denies that U.S. soldiers were exposed to chemical and biological warfare agents during the Gulf War, its own records contradict the official line. Now, four years after the war’s end, tens of […]

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13. Congress Wants to Take the Money and Run

Source: COMMON CAUSE MAGAZINE Date: Summer 1995, “Take the Money and Run” Author: Vicki Kemper SYNOPSIS: At a time when voters are more disgusted than ever by the big-money business of political campaigns, it’s nice to know that there is a “cop” on the beat. The “cop” is the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Its job […]

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12. 180,000 Patients Die Annually fron Treatment in Hospitals

Sources: HEALTH LETTER Date: August 1995 Title: “Hospital Errors” Author: Excerpted from ABC “Nightline” (7/4/95) transcript; NEWSDAY Date: 7/17/95 Title: “No mortality rate stats for hospitals”; Author: Thomas Maier SYNOPSIS: More people are killed or seriously injured in U.S. hospitals annually than from airline and automobile accidents combined. An estimated 1.3 million people a year […]

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11. Giant Oil Companies Owe U.S. More Than $1.5 Billion

Source: PROJECT ON GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT REPORTS, April 1995, Title: “Department of Interior Looks the Other Way: The Government’s Slick Deal for the Oil Industry”; Author: Project on Government Oversight (POGO), Danielle Brian SYNOPSIS: Seven of the largest oil companies in the United States—Texaco, Shell, Mobil, ARCO, Chevron, Exxon, and Unocal—owe the federal government more than […]

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