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Top 25 of 1997

15. Teen Drug “Crisis” is a Myth

Sources: EXTRA! Date: September/October 1996 Title: “High On Lies,” Author: Mike Males; THE, PROGRESSIVE, Date: May 1996, Title: “The Return of Reefer Madness, “ Authors: Mike Males and Faye Docuyanan SSU Censored Researchers: Kevin Coyne, Jody Howard In what is slowly becoming a campaign tradition, Bob Dole spent a formidable amount of the 1996 election […]

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14 Anti Abortion and Militia Movements Converge

Sources: ON THE ISSUES Date: Fall 1996 Title: “The Anti-Abortion Stealth Campaign”; Author: Jennifer Gonnerman; FRONT LINES RESEARCH Date: October 1996, Title: “Storming Wombs and Waco: How the Anti-abortion and Militia Movements Converge,” Author: Sandi DuBowski SSU Censored Researchers: Latrice Babers, Linda McCabe At this point in the turbulent history of the debate over abortion, […]

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13. Gag Me with a Food Disparagement Law

Sources: UTNE READER Date: January 2, 1996 Title: “Watch Your Mouth” Author: Helen Cordes; WASHINGTON FREE PRESS Date: April 5, 1996, Title: “Lettuce Libel,” Author: Eric Nelson; COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW, Date: September/October 1996, Title: “The Alar `Scare’ Was For Real,” Author: Elliott Negin; USA TODAY, Date: March 27, 1996, Title: “Warning: You can be sued […]

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12. Milking the Public

Source: CHICAGO LIFE MAGAZINE Date: October 1995, Title: “Milking the Public” Author: Hilary Varner SSU Censored Researchers: Richard Henderson, Lisa Zwirner New research suggests that our milk supply may be increasingly more dangerous. With the increased use of hormones and antibiotics in milk-producing cows comes an increase in the levels of the naturally occurring growth […]

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11. GDP is Meaningless Economic Measuring Stick

Source: THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY Date: October 1995, Title: “If the GDP Is Up, Why Is America Down?,” Authors: Clifford Cobb, Ted Halstead, and Jonathan Rowe SSU Censored Researchers: Jeffrey Fillmore, Amber Knight If measured by growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the economy is booming. Productivity and employment are up, and inflation is under […]

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