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Top 25 of 1997

5. White-Collar Crime: Whitewash At The Justice Department

Source: COVERTACTION QUARTERLY, Date: Summer 1996, Title: “White-Collar Crime: Whitewash at the Justice Department,” Author: David Burnham While white-collar crime costs America 10 to 50 times more money than street crime, the Justice Department continues to show little interest in taking the problem seriously. And while the statistics persistently underscore this contradiction, business organizations such […]

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4. Deforming Consent: The PR Industry’s Secret War On Activists

Sources: COVERTACTION QUARTERLY, Date: Winter 1995-1996, Title: “The Public Relations Industry’s Secret War on Activists,” Authors: John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton; EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL, Date: Winter 1995-1996, Title: “Public Relations, Private Interests,” Authors: John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton Multi-million dollar clients of major public relations firms are behind the creation of false non-profit organizations, which […]

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3. Big Perks For The Wealthy Hidden In Minimum Wage Bill

Source: THE NEW REPUBLIC, Date: October 28, 1996, Title: “Bare Minimum: Goodies for the Rich Hidden in Wage Bill,”* Author: John Judis, (Reprinted in Santa Rosa Press Democrat, October 13, 1996) On August 20,1996, President Clinton signed into law the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, ostensibly geared to aid small business owners and […]

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2. Shell’s Oil, Africa’s Blood

Sources: SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, Date: February 7, 1996, Title: “Shell Game,” Author: Vince Bielski; TEXAS OBSERVER, Date: January 12, 1996, Title: “Shell’s Oil, Africa’s Blood,”* Authors: Ron Nixon and Michael King; EDITOR & PUBLISHER, Date: March 23, 1996, Title: “Rejected Ad Flap,” Author: M.L. Stein; WORLD WATCH, Date: May/June 1996, Title: “Dying for Oil,” […]

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1. Risking the World: Nuclear Proliferation In Space

Sources: COVERTACTION QUARTERLY, Date: Summer 1996, Title: “Risking the World: Nuclear Proliferation in Space,” * Author: Karl Grossman; PROGRESSIVE MEDIA PROJECT, Date: May 1996, Title: “Don’t Send Plutonium into Space,” Author: Karl Grossman There has been little press coverage through the years on the use of nuclear power in space and 1996 was no exception—despite […]

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