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Top 25 of 1998

5. United States Companies are World Leaders in the Manufacture of Torture Devices for Internal Use and Export

Source: THE PROGRESSIVE, Title: “Shock Value: U.S. Stun Devices Pose Human-Rights Risk,” Date: September 1997, Author: Anne-Marie Cusac; Mainstream media coverage: Chicago Tribune, March 4, 1997, page 5, zone N; and Washington Times, March 4, 1997, page 16A SSU Censored Researchers: Carolyn Williams and Susan Allen SSU Faculty Evaluator: Dan Haytin, Ph.D. In its March […]

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4. Exposing the Global Surveillance System

Source: COVERTACTION QUARTERLY (CAQ), Title: “Secret Power. Exposing the Global Surveillance System,”* Date: Winter 1996/1997, Author. Nicky Hager SSU Censored Researchers: Bryan Way and Brad Smith SSU Faculty Evaluator. David Van Nuys, Ph.D. For over 40 years, New Zealand’s largest intelligence agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), has been helping its Western allies to […]

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3. Big Business Seeks to Control and Influence U.S. Universities

Sources: COVERTACTION QUARTERLY (CAQ), Title: “Phi Beta Capitalism,”* Date: Spring 1997, Author: Lawrence Soley; DOLLARS AND SENSE, Title: “Big Money on Campus,” Date: March/April 1997, Author. Lawrence Soley SSU Censored Researchers: Angie Yee and Katie Sims SSU Faculty Evaluator: Sally Hurtado, Ph.D. Academia is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Increasingly, industry is creating […]

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2. Personal Care and Cosmetic Products May be Carcinogeni

Sources: IN THESE TIMES, Title: “To Die for”*; “Take a Powder”*, Date: February 17, 1997; March 3, 1997, Author: Joel Bleifuss Mainstream media coverage: Chicago Tribune, July 29, 1997, page 3, zone C SSU Censored Researchers: Robin Stovall, Gavin Grundmann, and Erika Well SSU faculty Evaluator: Debora Hammond, Ph.D. Do you use toothpaste, shampoo, sunscreen, […]

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1. Clinton Administration Aggressively Promotes U.S. Arms Sales Worldwide

Sources: THE BULLETIN OF ATOMIC SCIENTISTS, Title: “Costly Giveaways”*, Date: October 1996, Author: Lora Lumpe; IN THESE TIMES, Title: “Guns `R’ Us”*, Date: August 11, 1997, Author. Martha Honey SSU Censored Researchers: Katie Sims, Deb Udall, and Susan Allen SSU Faculty Evaluator: Phil Beard, Ph.D. The United States is now the principal arms merchant for […]

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