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Top 25 of 1999

25. ABC Broadcasts Slanted Report on Mumia Abu-Jamal

Sources: REFUSE AND RESIST, Title: “A Case Study in Irresponsible Journalism,”, Authors: C. Clark Kissinger and Leonard Weinglass; REVOLUTIONARY WORKER, Title: “KGO-TV Report: A Case Study in Irresponsible Journalism,” Date: June 28, 1998, Authors: C. Clark Kissinger and Leonard Weinglass SSU Censored Researchers: Tom Ladegaard, Jason Sanders, and Corrie Robb SSU Faculty Evaluator: Elizabeth Martinez […]

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24. Coca-Cola Fails to Meet Recycling Pledge

Source: EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL, Title: “Coca-Cola: Recycling Outlaw,” Date: Winter 1998, Author: Marti Matsch SSU Censored Researchers: Jason Bothwell and Aimee Polacci SSU Faculty Evaluator: Mary Gomes In the next 24 hours U.S. consumers will use 50 million #1 polethyene therephthalate (PET) plastic soda bottles. As quickly as we throw them away, the plastic bottle […]

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23. Bureau of Land Management Charged With Human Rights Violations Against the Shoshone Nation

Source: NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY: THE NATION’S NATIVE JOURNAL, Title: “BLM fines Western Shoshone $564,000 Despite OAS Request,” Date: May 1998, Vol. 12, No. 9, Author: Pat Calliotte SSU Censored Researchers: Amy Loucks and Corrie Robb SSU Evaluator: Kathleen Kesterke Mainstream media coverage: The Salt Lake Tribune, April 29, 1998, page A12 Dallas Morning News, […]

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22. Academia at Risk as Tenured Professors Vanish

Sources: ON CAMPUS, Title: “The Vanishing Professor,” Date: September 1998, Author: Barbara McKenna SSU Censored Researchers: Jason L. Sanders, Yuki Ishizaki, and Aimee Polacci SSU Faculty Evaluator: Perry Marker AFT HIGHER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT REPORT, Title: “The Vanishing Professor,” http// The bedrock of higher education, tenured full-time faculty, have become an endangered species. According to the […]

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21. Global Oil Reserves Alarmingly Over-Estimated

Source: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Title; “The End of Cheap Oil,” Date: March 1998, Authors: Colin J. Campbell and Jean H. Laherrere SSU Censored Researcher: Rick Krigstein and Diana Nouveaux SSU Faculty Evaluator: Jim Burkland Colin J. Campbell and Jean H. Laherrere, two independent oil-industry consultants, predict that global production of conventional oil will start to decline […]

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