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Top 25 of 1999

15. SWAT Teams Replace Civilian Police: Target Minority Communities

Source: COVERTACTION QUARTERLY (CAQ), Title: “Operation Ghetto Storm: The Rise In Paramilitary Policing,” Date: Fall 1997, Author: Peter Cassidy SSU Censored Researchers: Michael McMurtrey and Jason L. Sanders SSU Faculty Evaluator: Robert Lee Nichols In the 25 years since the creation of the first Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams in Los Angeles, police forces […]

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14. Political Contributions Compromise American Judicial System

Source: THE NATION, Title: “The Buying of the Bench,” Date: January 26, 1998, Author: Sheila Kaplan SSU Censored Researchers: Corrie Robb and Tom Ladegaard SSU Faculty Evaluator: Ken Marcus America’s justice system is being compromised by campaign contributions to judges from special interest groups and Corporate Political Action Committees (PACs). The campaign fundraising scandals have […]

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13. China Violates Human Rights in Tibet

Source: TOWARD FREEDOM, Title: “China’s War on Women,” Date: March/April 1998, Author: Natasha Ma SSU Censored Researchers: Dan Bluthardt and Corrie Robb SSU Faculty Evaluator: Laxmi Tewari Since China’s invasion of Tibet in 1959, women have been at the forefront of the nonviolent struggle for independence nearly half of the protests staged over the last […]

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12. Millions of Americans Received Contaminated Polio Vaccine Between 1955 and 1963

Sources: CHICAGO LIFE Title: “Ticking Time Bomb,” Date: October 1997, Author: Vicky Angelos; health/salk.htm, Title: “The Forty Year Legacy of Tainted Polio Vaccine,” Date: May 14, 1998, Author: Harold Stearley SSU Censored Researcher: Jennifer Mintz SSU Faculty Evaluator: Mary King, M.D. The polio vaccine that was given to millions of children during the late 1950s […]

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11. Private Prison Expansion Becomes Big Business

Source: TURNING THE TIDE, Title: “The Prison Industry and The Global Complex,” Date: Summer 1998, Authors: Eve Goldberg and Linda Evans SSU Censored Researcher: Travis Duncan SSU Faculty Evaluator: Linda Lopez Private prisons are one of the fastest growing sectors of the prison industrial complex. Under contract by the government to run jails and prisons, […]

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