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Top 25 of 2001

20. Disabled Most Likely to be Victims of Serious Crime

Tash Newsletter March 2000 Title: The Invisible Victims Author: Dan Sorensen Faculty evaluator: Julie Allen, Ph.D. Student researchers: Jennifer Swift, Natalie Guilbault Research consistently finds that people with substantial disabilities suffer from violent and other major crime at rates four to ten times higher than that of the general population. Estimates are that around […]

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19. U.S. Using Dangerous Fungus to Eradicate Coca Plants in Colombia

MoJo Wire (Mother Jones magizine Web site), May 3, 2000 Title: Drug Control or Biowarfare? Authors: Sharon Stevenson and Jeremy Bigwood CounterPunch, London Observer, June 1-15, 2000 and July 2, 2000 Title: McCaffery’s Plagues: New Biowar on Drugs Authors: Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair London Observer, July 2, 2000 Title: U.S. Prepares to Spray […]

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18. Indigenous People Challenge Private Ownership and Patenting of Life

GeneWatch, October 1999 Title: Indigenous Peoples’ Statement on the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and the WTO Agreement Author: Kimberly Wilson Third World Resurgence #110-111, Fall 1999 Title: A Call for Support for African Group Proposal on TRIPS Article 27.3(b) on Patenting of Life Earth First!, March/April 2000 Looting Indigenous Medicine in […]

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17. IMF and World Bank Staff Tightly Connected to New Yugoslav Government

Emperor’s New Clothes, September 28, 2000 Title: The International Monetary Fund and the Yugoslav Election Author: Michel Chossudovsky and Jared Israel SF Bay Guardian, 8/23/2000 Title: Colony Kosovo Author: Christian Parenti Faculty evaluator: Peter Phillips Ph.D. Student researchers: Jaleah Winn, Katie Sims, Dana Balicki, Steve Quartz The G-17 is a Yugoslav economist group […]

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16. Human Genome Project Opens the Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapons

Washington Free Press, Jan./ Feb. 2000 Titles: Genetic Bullets, Ethnically Specific Bioweapons Author: Roy Blake Konformist, March 2000 Title: Ethnic Weapons for Ethnic Cleansing Author Greg Bishop North Coast Xpress, Fall 2000 The Human Genome Project and Eugenics Author Robert Lederman Corporate news coverage: Daily Telegraph (London) 7/7/00, Agence France Presse 1/21/99, The Gazette […]

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