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Top 25 of 2001

15. Gerber Uses the WTO to Suppress Laws that Promote Breastfeeding

Environment and Health Weekly, November 18, 1999 Title: Corporate Rights vs. Human Need Author: Peter Montague Multinational Monitor, September, 2,000 Title: Milking Profits in Pakistan Author: Muddassir Rizvi Faculty Evaluators: Suzanne Toczyski, Ph.D., Linda Novack, Ph.D. Student Researchers: Deanna Battaglia, Nathalie Manneville Gerber Baby Foods Corporation has used the World Trade Organization (WTO) to […]

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14. Europe Holds Companies Environmentally Responsible, Despite U.S. Opposition

In These Times, April 17, 2000 Title: The Big Stick Approach Author: Joel Bleifuss Faculty evaluator: David Van Nuys, Ph.D., Peter Phillips, Ph.D. Student researchers: Michael Runas, Molly Garrison, Deanna Battaglia In the near future, the European Union will hold any company that enters the European market responsible for the environmental impacts of its […]

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13. The World Trade Organization is an Illegal Institution

Covert Action Quarterly, Spring-Summer 2000 Title: Seattle and Beyond: The Illegality of the WTO Author: Michel Chossudovsky Faculty evaluator: Richard Senghas, Ph.D., Andy Merrifield, Ph.D. Student researchers: Kate Sims, Dana Balicki, Brian Baptista Something not mentioned by the corporate press or most of the 1,200 groups from 85 countries that opposed the World Trade […]

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12. Cuba Leads the World in Organic Farming

Third World Resurgence, Spring 2000 Issue #118/119 Title: Cuba’s Organic Revolution Author: Hugh Warwick Sustainable Times, Fall 1999 Title: Farming With Fidel Author: Alison Auld Designer/Builder, August 2000 Title: Cuba’s New Revolution Authors: Stephen Zunes Corporate media coverage: Gannett, 9/15/99, Dallas Morning News, 1/25/98 p. 35A, The Economist, 4/24/99, Lewiston Morning Tribune, p. 1A. Associated […]

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11. United Nations Corporate Partnerships – A Human Rights Peril

Dollars and Sense, July/August 2000 Title: United McNations Author: Danielle Knight Multinational Monitor, March 2000 Title: Perilous Partnerships Author: Kenny Bruno Corporate news coverage: Toronto Star 3/19/99, Washington Post 7/27/00 p. A-6 Faculty evaluators; Tim Wandling, Ph.D., Robert Tellander, Student Researchers: Cassandra Pojda, Bonnie Faulkner, Terrie Girdner In a move to make the United […]

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