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Top 25 of 1996

25. E. Coli – Now A National Epidemic – Kills 500 Americans Annually

Source: ABC-NEWS 20/20 Transcript #1538; Date: 9/22/95; “Always, Always Well Done” Author: Reported by Arnold Diaz SYNOPSIS: Most Americans first became familiar with E. coil several years ago when four children died from eating hamburgers at Jack In the Box restaurants. What millions of people don’t know is that there have been dozens of outbreaks […]

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24. U.S. Trails Most Developed Nations in Maternal Health Ranking

Sources: SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE Date: 7/25/95; “Deadly Differences in Prenatal Care,” Author: Ramon G. McLeod; THE NEW YORK TIMES Date: 7/26/95, “In a Ranking of Maternal Health, U.S. Trails Most Developed Nations,” Author: Philip J. Hilts SYNOPSIS: An estimated 1.3 million women die worldwide every year from complications of pregnancy and childbirth, according to a […]

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23. Dioxin: Still Deadly After All These Years (and All That Hype)

Source: EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL Date: Spring 1995; “EPA Study Reveals Dioxin Dangers”; Author: Stephen Lester SYNOPSIS: When the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) long awaited “reassessment” of the health effects of dioxin was finally released in draft form in September 1994, it indicated that dioxin’s health impacts were worse than previously reported. The preliminary EPA study […]

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22. There May Be A Cure—Up There in the Rain Forest

Source: PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE Date: 1/4/95; “Cures lure druggists to rain forest”; Author: Dan Wagner SYNOPSIS: Scientists in the United States are exhilarated because, after years of scavenging the Asian rain forests for magic bullets, they are now beginning to turn up promising leads in the search for medical treatments from trees and plants. Environmentalists […]

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21. The New 3R’S: Reading, Writing, and Reloading

Source: MOTHER JONES Date: January/February 1995; “Why Johnny Can Shoot” Authors: Susan Glick and Josh Sugarmann SYNOPSIS: If all goes as expected, by 1999 more than 26 million students will have been exposed to a marketing program that will entice them to buy guns and persuade them to argue against gun control. The marketing program, […]

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