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Top 25 of 1996

20. ABC Spikes New Tobacco Expose’ When Sued for Libel

Source: THE VILLAGE VOICE Date: 9/12/95; “Up In Smoke” Author: James Ledbetter SYNOPSIS: In 1993, ABC’s “Turning Point” hired Frank and Martin Koughan, an Emmy Award-winning documentary team, to do a broad survey of the tobacco merchants’ annus horribilis that followed the Environmental Protection Agency’s classification of secondhand smoke as a carcinogen, and the Clinton […]

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19. Solving the Nuclear Waste Problem With Taxpayers’ Dollars

Source: THE WORKBOOK Date: Fall 1995; “Where Is Nuclear Waste Going-Or Staying?” Author: Don Hancock SYNOPSIS: After years of effort and millions of dollars spent on campaign contributions and highly paid lobbyists, the nuclear power industry expects Congress to pass legislation that will free the industry of its responsibility for storing commercial spent nuclear waste. […]

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18. Scientific Support for Needle Exchange Suppressed

Sources: IN THESE TIMES Date: 1/9/95; “Political Science” Author: Shawn Neidorf; WASHINGTON POST Date: 2/16/95; “Reports Back Needle Exchange Programs” Author: John Schwartz SYNOPSIS: After reviewing a massive study on the effectiveness of intravenous needle-exchange programs to curtail the spread of disease, including AIDS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that a […]

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17. Small Arms Wreak Major Worldwide Havoc

Sources: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, Date: 4/5/95; “Boom in the Trade of Small Arms Fuels World’s Ethnic and Regional Rivalries”; Author: Jonathan S. Landay; FOREIGN AFFAIRS Date: September 1994 Title: “Arming Genocide in Rwanda” Authors: Stephen D. Goose and Frank Smyth SYNOPSIS: Rwanda is just one example of what can happen when small arms and light […]

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16. Fiberglass—The Carcinogen that’s Deadly and Everywhere

Sources: RACHELS ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY #444 Date: 6/1/95; “A Carcinogen That’s Everywhere”; Author: Peter Montague; IN THESE TIMES Date: 8/21/95; “Fiberglass, the Asbestos of the 90’s”; Author: Joel Bleifuss SYNOPSIS: A World War I era shortage of asbestos, once valued for its thermal insulation and fire resistant properties, spurred the first full-scale production of […]

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