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Top 25 of 1996

10. The Broken Promises Of NAFTA

SOURCES: COVERT/ACTION QUARTERLY, Fall 1995, “NAFTA’s Corporate Con Artists”; Author: Sarah Anderson and Kristyne Peter; MOTHER JONES, January/February 1995, “A Giant Spraying Sound”; Author: Esther Schrader SYNOPSIS: The promises of prosperity that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would bring the USA and Mexico were most loudly proclaimed by USA*NAFTA, a pro-NAFTA business coalition. […]

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9. U.S. Chemical Industry Fights For Toxic Ozone-Killing Pesticide

SOURCE: EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL, Summer 1995, “Campaign Against Methyl Bromide: Ozone-Killing Pesticide Opposed”;* Author: Anne Schonfield SYNOPSIS: Methyl bromide is a pesticide that is at least 50 times more destructive to the ozone layer, atom for atom, than chlorofluoro-carbons (CFCs) yet America’s chemical industry is fighting to prevent it from being banned. In 1992, the […]

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8. Medical Fraud Costs The Nation $100 Billion Annually—or More

SOURCE: MOTHER JONES, March/April 1995, “Medscam”; Author L.J. Davis SYNOPSIS: The United States’ $1 trillion annual health bill is 14 percent of the gross domestic product, making the medical industry the largest business in the land. Of this sum, a staggering amount is stolen. According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, the yearly swag […]

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7. Russia Injects Earth With Nuke Waste

SOURCE: THE NEW YORK TIMES, 11/21/94, “Poison in the Earth: A special report; Nuclear Roulette for Russia: Burying Uncontained Waste”*; Author: William J. Broad SYNOPSIS: For more than three decades, the Soviet Union and now Russia secretly pumped billions of gallons of atomic waste directly into the earth and, according to Russian scientists, the practice […]

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6. Radical Plan From Newt Gingrich’s Think Tank To Gut FDA

SOURCE: MOTHER JONES, September/October 1995, “agency under attack;” Author: Leslie Weiss SYNOPSIS: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), sometimes criticized in the past for being too cozy with corporations, is now under attack for exactly the opposite reason. A powerful bloc of critics in the drug industry has joined hands with the Republican Congress and […]

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