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Top 25 of 1996

5. U.S. Pushes Nuclear Pact But Spends Billions To Add Bang To Nukes

SOURCES: WASHINGTON POST, 5/1/95, “US Seeks Arms Ingredient As It Pushes Nuclear Pact,” and 5/28/95, “House Bill Would Order Nuclear Reactor As New Source of Tritium;” Author: Thomas W. Lippman. SYNOPSIS: Even as the United States urges the rest of the world to indefinitely extend a treaty requiring signatories to work toward elimination of nuclear […]

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4. The Privatization Of The Internet

SOURCE: THE NATION, 7/3/95, “Keeping On-Line Speech Free: Street Corners in Cyberspace;”* Author: Andrew L. Shapiro SYNOPSIS: You may not have noticed, but the Internet, one of the hottest news stories of 1995, was essentially sold last year. The federal government has been gradually transferring the backbone of the U.S. portion of the global computer […]

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3. Child Labor In The U.S. Is Worse Today Than During the 1930’s

SOURCE: SOUTHERN EXPOSURE, Fall/Winter 1995, “Working in Harm’s Way;” Author: Ron Nixon SYNOPSIS: Every day, children across America are working in environments detrimental to their social and educational development, their health and even their lives. In 1992, a National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) report found that 670 youths aged 16 to 17 […]

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2. The Budget Does Not Have to be Balanced on the Backs of the Poor

SOURCE: PUBLIC CITIZEN, July/August 1995, “Cut Corporate Welfare: Not Medicarel;” Author: John Canham-Clyne SYNOPSIS: Congress could go a long way toward balancing the budget by 2002 without slashing Medicare, Medicaid, education, and social welfare. In fact, the Washington-based Center for the Study of Responsive Law has identified 153 federal programs that benefit wealthy corporations but […]

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1. Telecommunications Deregulation: Closing Up America’s “Marketplace of Ideas”

SOURCE: CONSUMER PROJECT ON TECHNOLOGY, 7/14/95, “Federal Telecommunications Legislation,” an Internet newsletter*; Authors: Ralph Nader, James James Love, and Andrew Saindon. SYNOPSIS: America’s “marketplace of ideas,” upon which our democracy rests, began shutting its doors in the summer of 1995. The harbinger of the bad news for the public was aptly titled the Telecommunications Deregulation […]

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