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Top 25 of 1997

25. The Truth About “Inert” Chemicals

Sources: RACHEL’S ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH WEEKLY, Date: November 23, 1995, Title: “Many Pesticides, Little Knowledge,” Author: Peter Montague; EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL, Date: Fall 1996, Title: “The Truth About Inerts,” Author: Charmaine Oakley SSU Censored Researcher: Jeffrey Fillmore The American Heritage Dictionary defines “inert” as “Not readily reactive with other elements.” This does not necessarily describe […]

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24. Dark Alliance: Tuna Free Trade, and Cocaine

Source: EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL*, Date: Summer 1996, Title: “Tuna, Free Trade, and Cocaine,” Authors: Ken Silverstein and Alexander Cockburn (*Reprint from a longer version of the same article in CounterPunch). SSU Censored Researchers: Diane Ferre, Doug Hecker, Kevin Stickler, Lisa Zwirner If recent history is any guide at all, one can only conclude that President […]

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23. Trouble in Mind: Chemicals and the Brain

Source: RACHEL’S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY, Date: June 20, 1996; July 4, 1996, Title: “Chemicals and the Brain, Parts I and II,” Author: Peter Montague SSU Censored Researchers: Jeffrey Fillmore, Anne Shea Scientists are discovering that chemicals in our environment are impacting our hormones and permanently changing how we live and who we are. Everyone […]

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22. The Refrigerator Revolution and Repairing the Ozone Layer

Source: WORLD WATCH, Date: September/October 1996 Title: “The Refrigerator Revolution,” Authors: Ed Ayres and Hilary French; WORLD WATCH, Date: January/February 1996, Title: “Ozone Repair,” Author: Chris Bright SSU Censored Researchers: Aaron Butler, Meiko Takechi Deborah Udall While other countries have been using other environmentally safe chemicals as alternatives to ozone-depleting chloro-fluorocarbons (CFCs), the United States […]

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21. Inside INS Detention Centers: Racism, Abuse, and No Accountability

Source: COVERTACTION QUARTERLY, Date: Summer 1996, Title: “Behind the Razor Wire: Inside INS Detention Centers,” Author: Mark Dow SSU Censored Researchers: Tina Barni, Meiko Takechi With the overpopulation of undocumented immigrants, those in the custody of the Department of Justice’s Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) are now being widely transferred to local jails across the […]

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