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Top 25 of 1997

20. U.S. Alone in Blocking Export Ban of Toxic Waste to Third World

Source: COUNTERPUNCH Date: March 15, 1996 Title: “The Poison Trade” Authors: Ken Silverstein and Alexander Cockburn SSU Censored Researchers: Anne Stalder, Lisa Zwirner Last September, representatives from 84 countries gathered in Geneva for the Basel Convention. Their purpose was to pass an international ban which would put an end to the exporting of toxic wastes […]

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19. Corporate America Spends Big $$ on Pro-China PR

Sources: COUNTERPUNCH, Date: April 1-14, 1996, Title: “The New China Lobby,” Authors: Ken Silverstein and Alexander Cockburn; MULTINATIONAL MONITOR, Date: April 1996, Title: “China’s Hired Guns,” Author: Ken Silverstein; SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, Date: May 29, 1996, Title: “China Huggers,” Author: Jim Hightower SSU Censored Researchers: Tina Barni, Doug Hecker In its annual battle to […]

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18. PCBs: Importing Poison

Sources: THE TEXAS OBSERVER Dates: March 8, 1996; April 19, 1996, Titles: “Choose Your Poison”; and “Poisoned Welcome,” Author: Michael King; SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, Date: April 24, 1996, Title: “Importing Toxic Waste,” Author: Jim Hightower SSU Censored Researchers: Bob Browne, Jeffrey Fillmore In March 1996, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) repealed a […]

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17. Union Do’s: Smart Solidarity

Source: THE NATION, Date: April 8, 1996, Title “Union Do’s: Smart Solidarity,” Author: Eyal Press SSU Censored Researchers: Aldo Della-Maggiora Stacey Merrick Fifteen years after Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, strikes in America have dipped to a fifty-year low, a mere one-eighth the level of two decades ago. In response to this decline, […]

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16. Derivatives: Risky Business

Source: THE NATION, Date: December 25, 1995 Title: “Golden Fleece” Author: Arthur E. Rowse SSU Censored Researchers: Brant Herman, Mark Lowenthal According to a General Accounting Office (GAO) report last year, the face value of worldwide trades involving derivatives—a high-risk type of financial contract whose value is derived from the performance of an underlying asset […]

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