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Top 25 of 1998

25. Black Elected Officials Targeted by Law

Source: EMERGE Title: “Targets For Scrutiny,” Date: October 1996, Author: Joe Davidson SSU Censored Researchers: Amber Knight, Yvonne Jolley-Crawford, and Brian Foust Community Evaluator: Rick Williams, J.D. Statistical evidence indicates that black elected officials have tended to be investigated by law enforcement agencies at higher rates than white elected officials. According to the Washington-based Joint […]

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24. Profits-Before-People Delays Release New AIDS Drug

Sources: SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES Title: “The Fight For 1592: AIDS Activists Battle Glaxo Over Access To Anxiously Awaited New Drug,” Date: May 15, 1997 Author: Bruce Mirken; SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN Title: “OTC Drugs to be Boycotted: AIDS Activists Announce Boycott of Drug Company,” Date: July 2, 1997 Author: Nina Siegal Major media coverage: […]

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23. The Scheme to Privatize the Hanford Nuke Plant

Source: COUNTERPUNCH Title: “Clinton Crowd Said Yea! Plot to ‘Cure AIDS,’ Make H-Bombs and $5 Billion,” Date: April 1997, Authors: Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn SSU Censored Researchers Susan Allen SSU Staff Evaluator: Charles Fox A consortium of energy contractors plotted to gain control of the Fast Flux Facility at Hanford Nuclear Reservation, convert […]

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22. FBI: Sloppy, 0ut of Touch and Very Powerful

Source: THE NATION, Title: “The FBI,” Date: August 1, 1997, Author: David Burnham SSU Censored Researchers: Katie Sims and Ben Brewer SSU Faculty Evaluator: Patrick Jackson, Ph.D. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for years was perceived as the nation’s preeminent crime-fighting agency. That image took a blow from events at Waco and Ruby Ridge, […]

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21. Blood Tests Suggest Reason Behind Gulf War Syndrom

Source: INSIGHT Title: “Sickness and Secrecy,” Date: August 25, 1997, Author: Paul M. Rodriguez SSU Censored Researchers: Robin Stovall and Kecia Kaiser SSU Faculty Evaluator: Andy Merrifield, Ph.D. Gulf War-related illnesses are rampant among American war veterans. One suggestion as to the cause of the illnesses has surfaced with new blood tests on the most […]

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