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Top 25 of 1998

15. Mainstream Newspapers Ignore Inner City Low-income Communities and Rural “Fringe Areas”

Source: COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW Title: “Trimming the Fringe: How Newspapers Shun Low-Income Readers, “ Date: March/April 1997, Author: Gilbert Cranberg SSU Censored Researchers: Judith Westfall and Catherine Hickinbotham SSU Faculty Evaluator: Melinda Barnard, Ph.D. Mainstream newspapers around the United States are changing how they measure success. “Market effectiveness,” instead of high circulation levels, is the […]

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14. The U.S. Blood is Increasingly Threatened by Parasites

Source: LABORATORY MEDICINE Title: “The Threat Of Chagas’ Disease in Transfusion Medicine: The Presence of Antibodies to Trypanosoma cruzi in the U.S. Blood Supply”, Date: April 1997, Authors: Alfred A. Pan, Ph.D., and Martin Winkler, Ph.D. SSU Censored Researchers: Kecia Kaiser and Catherine Hickinbotham Community Evaluator: Linda C. McCabe, MT(ASCP) With increasing global migration comes […]

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13. American Drug Industry Uses the Poor as Human Guinea Pigs

Source: COUNTERPUNCH Title: “A Reserve Army of Guinea Pigs”, Date: September 1997 Author: Scott Handelman SSU Censored Researcher: Katie Garey SSU Faculty Evaluator: Susan Garfm, Ph.D. Over 40,000 human guinea pigs participate in drug testing experiments run by huge pharmaceutical companies in the United States annually. Most of these people are poor and “down-and-outers,” who […]

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12. States Offer Corporations Immunity from Violating Environmental Laws

Source: RACHEL’S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY, # 552, Title: “Right to Know Nothing” Date: June 26, 1997, Author: Peter Montague, Ph.D. Mainstream media coverage: related article in The New York Times, January 30, 1997, page B-7; National Public Radio, Talk of the Nation, October 17, 1997; National Public Radio, All Things Considered, May 8, 1997 […]

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11. Death Behind Bars

Sources: SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, Title: “Death Behind Bars”; “Infected-and Ignored” Date: February 5, 1997; February 19, 1997 Author: Nina Siegal SSU Censored Researchers: Renee Hamilton, Carolyn Williams, and Kecia Kaiser SSU Faculty Evaluator: Barbara Bloom, Ph.D. A nine-month investigation by the San Francisco Bay Guardian found that California’s prison system routinely denies women access […]

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