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Top 25 of 1998

10. Army’s Plan to Burn Nerve Gas and Toxins in Oregon Threatens Columbia River Basin

Source: EARTH FIRST! Title: “Army Plans to Burn Surplus Nerve Gas Stockpile,” Date: March 1997, Authors: Mark Brown and Kaym Jones SSU Censored Researcher: Brad Smith SSU Faculty Evaluator. Ellen Krebs Despite evidence that incineration is the worst option for destroying the nation’s obsolete chemical weapons stockpile stored at the Umatilla Army Depot, the Oregon […]

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9. Mattel Cuts U.S. Jobs to Open Sweatshops in Other Countries

Sources: THE NATION, Title: “Barbie’s Betrayal: The Toy Industry’s Broken Workers,” Date: December 30, 1996, Author. Eyal Press; THE HUMANIST, Title: “Sweatshop Barbie: Exploitation of Third World Labor,” Date: January/February 1997, Author: Anton Foek SSU Censored Researcher. Erika Nell SSU Staff Evaluator. Carol Tremmel Thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the […]

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8. Little Known Federal Law Paves The Way for National Identification Card

Source: WITWIGO, Title: “National ID Card is Now Federal Law and Georgia Wants to Help Lead the Way,” Date: May/June 1997, Author: Cyndee Parker; Mainstream media coverage: The New York Times, September 8, 1996, section 6; page 58, column 1; related article in The San Francisco Chronicle, September 19, 1996, page A1 SSU Censored Researchers: […]

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7. Norpland and Human Lab Experiments in Third World Lead to Forced Use in the United States

Sources: MS., Title: “The Misuses of Norplant: Who Gets Stuck?,” Date: November/December 1996, Author: Jennifer Washburn; WASHINGTON FREE PRESS, Title: “Norplant and the Dark Side of the Law,” Date: March/April 1997, Author: Rebecca Kavoussi; HUMAN EVENTS, Title: “BBC Documentary Claims That U.S. Foreign Aid Funded Norplant Testing On Uninformed Third World Women,” Date: May 16, […]

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6. Russian Plutonium Lost Over Chile and Bolivia

Source: COVERTACTION QUARTERLY (CAQ), Title: “Space Probe Explodes, Plutonium Missing,” Date: Spring 1997, Author. Karl Grossman SSU Censored Researchers: Robin Stovall and Kecia Kaiser SSU Faculty Evaluator. Catherine Nelson, Ph.D. On November 16, 1996, Russia’s Mars 96 space probe broke up and burned while descending over Chile and Bolivia, scattering its remains across a 10,000 […]

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