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Top 25 of 1999

5. U. S. Weapons mass Destruction Linked to the Deaths of a Half-Million Children

Sources: SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, Title: “Made in America,” Date: February 25, 1998, Author: Dennis Bernstein; I.F. MAGAZINE, Title: “Punishing Saddam or the Iraqis,” Date: March/April 1998, Author: Bill Blum; SPACE AND SECURITY NEWS, Title: “Our Continuing War Against Iraq,” Date: May 1998, Author: Most Rev. Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.) SSU […]

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4. Recycled Radioactive Metals May Be in Your Home

Source: THE PROGRESSIVE, Title: “Nuclear Spoons,” Date: October 1998, Author: Anne-Marie Cusac SSU Censored Researchers: Jennie Glennon, Dayna Del Simone, and Jason Sanders SSU Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips Under special government permits, “decontaminated” radioactive metal is being sold to manufacture everything from knives, forks, and belt buckles to zippers, eyeglasses, dental fillings, and IUDs. The […]

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3. Monsanto’s Genetically Modified seeds Threaten world Production

Sources: MOJO WIRE Title: “A Seedy Business” http://www.motherjones.corn/news_wire /usda-inc.html, Date: April 27, 1998, Author: Leora Broydo; THIRD WORLD RESURGENCE #92 Title: “New Patent Aims to Prevent Farmers From Saving Seed,” Author: Chakravarthi Raghavan; GLOBAL PESTICIDE CAMPAIGNER and EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL, Title: “Terminator Seeds Threaten an End to Farming,” Date: June 1998, Fall 1998, Authors: Hope Shand […]

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2. Chemical Corporations Profit Off Breast Cancer

Sources: RACHEL’S ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH WEEKLY, Title: “The Truth About Breast Cancer,” Date: December 4, 1997, Author: Peter Montague; THE GREEN GUIDE, Title: “Profiting Off Breast Cancer,” Date: October 1998, Authors: Allison Sloan and Tracy Baxter SSU Censored Researchers: Dan Bluthardt and Patrick Ryan SSU Faculty Evaluator: Mary Gomes Leaders in cancer treatment and information […]

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1. Secret International Trade Agreement Undermines the Sovereignty of Nations

Sources: IN THESE TIMES, Title: “Building the Global Economy” Date: January 11, 1998, Author: Joel Bleifuss; DEMOCRATIC LEFT Title: “MAI Ties,” Date: Spring 1998, Author: Bill Dixon; TRIBUNE DES DROITS HUMAINS, Title: “Human Rights or Corporate Rights?,” Date: April 1998, Vol., Nos. 1-2, Authors: Miloon Kothari and Tara Krause SSU Censored Researcher: Corrie Robb SSU […]

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