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Top 25 of 2000

25. U.S. Military Trains Soldiers to Kill and Eat Tame Animals

Source: THE ANIMALS AGENDA, July/August 1999, Title: “Irrational Rations: Animals Used in Military Training” Author: D’Arcy Kemnitz Faculty Evaluator: Laurel Holmstrom Student Researchers: Rebecca Aust & Aimee Regan Mainstream coverage: Seattle Times, July 2, 1999, page B1; Willington-Star News, July 12, 1999, page 3B; News & Observer, Raleigh NC, July 6, 1999, page Al; Spokane […]

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24. U.S. Nuclear Weapons Controlled by Unstable Personnel

Source: MOTHER JONES, November 1998, Title: “Positive Attitude Toward Nuclear Weapons Duty,” Author: Ken Silverstein Faculty Evaluator: Lynn Cominsky, Ph.D. Student Evaluator: Jake Medway Mentally unstable individuals may be in control of U.S. nuclear devices. A screening process called the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP), set in place after a near-disaster in 1959, is supposed to […]

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23. International Conference Sets World Agenda for Peace

Source: TOWARD FREEDOM, July 1999 Title: “United for Peace” Author: Robin Lloyd Faculty Evaluator: Phil Beard, Ph.D. Student Researcher: Jeremiah Price The Hague Appeal for Peace (HAP) Conference, which took place in the Hague, Netherlands, in May 1999, has set a “Global Agenda” for world peace in the next century. Over 1,000 groups, from 100 […]

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22. U.S. and Germany Trained and Developed the KLA

Sources: THE PROGRESSIVE, August 1999, Title: “Mercenaries in Kosovo: The U.S. Connection to the KLA” Author: Wayne Madsen; COVERTACTION QUARTERLY, Spring-Summer 1999, Title: “Kosovo `Freedom Fighters’ Financed by Organized Crime,” Author: Michel Chossudovsky Faculty Evaluators: Rick Luttman, Ph.D. & Phil Beard, Ph.D. Student Researchers: Michael Spigel & Jeremiah Price Germany and the U.S. collaborated in […]

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21. The Vatican’s U. N. Status Challenged

Source: MS., October/November 1999, Title: “Giving the Vatican the Boot,” Author: Laura Flanders Faculty Evaluator: Laurel Holmstrom Student Researchers: Corey Hale & Katie Anderson Mainstream coverage: Although some aspects of this story did receive coverage in the New York Times and other papers, the extent and reasons behind the Vatican’s power in the U.N. were […]

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