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Top 25 of 2000

20. IMF and World Bank Contributed to Economic Tensions in the Balkans

Source: THIS, July/August 1999, Title: “Banking On the Balkans,” Author: Michael Chossudovsky Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips, Ph.D. Student Researchers: Jeremiah Price & Lisa Desmond The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) were leading contributors to economic tensions in the Balkans that stimulated the breakup of Yugoslavia. The divisiveness in Bosnia/Herzegovina and Kosovo was reported […]

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19. Bacterium in Cow’s Milk May Cause Crohn’s Disease

Source: CLEVELAND FREE TIMES, June 16-22, 1999, Title: “The Crohn’s Connection?,” Author: Lisa Chamberlain Faculty Evaluator: Derek Girman, Ph.D. Student Researchers: Lisa Desmond & Julia O’Connor Mounting research shows that a bacterium in cow’s milk may cause Crohn’s disease, a debilitating chronic inflam-matory disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Although four studies indicate that the bacterium, […]

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18. California Convicts and Punishes Teenagers as Adults

Source: THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN, January 27, 1999, Title: “The Lost Boys: California is Trying Kids as Adults-and Locking Them Up for Life. No One Knows How Many, “ Author: A. Clay Thompson Faculty Evaluator: Peter Duffy Student Researchers: Jeremiah Price & Michael Spigel In California, minors as young as 14 are being pushed […]

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17. World Bank Resettlement Program Displaces Millions

Source: WORLD RIVERS REVIEW, December 1998, Title: “World Bank’s Record on Resettlement Remains Troublesome,” Author: Lori Pottinger Faculty Evaluator: Bryan Baker, Ph.D. Student Researchers: Jennifer Mathis, Melissa Bonham, & Lisa Desmond The World Bank funds large dam projects, but does little to help the displaced millions who are forced to relocate. A recent report by […]

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16. Media Distorts Debate on Affirmative Action

Sources: NEWS WATCH, Summer 1999 Title: “The Color Game: How Media Plays the Race Card,” Author: Robert Entman; NEWS WATCH, Summer 1999 Title: “It is the Nuances, Stupid,” Author: Linda Jue Faculty Evaluator: Elizabeth Martinez, Ph.D. Student Evaluator: Marni Goodman The U.S. media oversimplified the debate on affirmative action and deliberately misled the American public. […]

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