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Top 25 of 2000

10. The U.S. and NATO Deliberately Started the War with Yugoslavia

Title The Real Rambouillet “ Source The Village Voice, May 18, 1999 Author Jason Vest Title Redefining Diplomacy Source Extra, July/August 1999 Author Seth Ackerman Title What Was the War For? Source In These Times, August 8, 1999 Author Seth Ackerman Title Hawks and Eagles: Greater NATO” flies to Aid of “Greater Albania” Source Covert […]

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9. Louisiana Promotes Toxic Racism

Title Toxic Gumbo Source Southern Exposure, Summer Fall 1998 Author Ron Nixon Faculty Evaluator James Carr Ph.D. Student Evaluators Lisa Desmond, Colleen Kelly, Monte Williams Mainstream (partial) Coverage The Nation magazine, in the November 8, 1999 edition, published an article by Barbara Koeppel entitled ‘Cancer Alley, Louisiana. While outside of Project Censored annual awards cycle […]

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8. Planned Weapons in Space Violate International Treaty

Title US Violates World Law to Militarize Space Source Earth Island Journal, Winter/ Spring 1999 Author Karl Grossman Title Pyramids to The Heavens Space Source Toward Freedom, September/ October 1999 Author Bruce K. Gagnon Community Evaluator Rick Williams, Attorney At Law Student Researcher Julia O’Connor Mainstream Coverage The Huntville Times, 11/7/99, Editorial, D2 The Outer […]

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7 US Media Reduces Foreign Coverage

Title Good-bye World Source American Journalism Review, November 1998 Author Peter Arnett Faculty Evaluator Elizabeth Burch Ph.D. Student Researcher Deb Udall & Monte Williams Mainstream Coverage The Boston Globe, 11/15/98, D6, Editorial Coverage of foreign news by the U.S. media industry reflects a continuing downward trend, despite evidence that the American public wants more international […]

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6. NATO Defends Private Economic Interests in the Balkans

Title The Role of Caspian Sea Oil in the Balkan Conflict Source Women Against Military Madness, November 1998; and Sonoma County Peace Press, April/May 1999 Author Diana Johnstone Title Kosovo: It’s About the Mines Source Because People Matter, May/June 1999 (Reprinted from Workers World July 30, 1998) Author Sara Flounders Title Caspian Pipe Dreams Source […]

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