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Top 25 of 2000

5. Turkey Destroys Kurdish Villages with U.S. Weapons

Title Turkey’s War on the Kurds Source The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, March/April 1999 Author Kevin McKiernan Faculty Evaluator Tony White Ph.D. Student Researcher Doug Schiller & Tanner May In 1995, the Clinton Administration recognized that the Turkish government used American arms in domestic military operations where human rights abuses occurred. In fact, Turkey has […]

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4. American Sweatshops Sew U.S. Military Uniforms

Title An American Sweatshop Source Mother Jones, May/June 1999 Author Mark Boal Faculty Evaulator Sally Hurtado Student Researcher Jaime Foster The Department of Defense (DoD) has $1 billion invested in the garment industry, making it the country’s fourteenth largest retail apparel outlet. Lion Apparel contracts with the DoD to produce military uniforms, yet the company’s […]

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3. Financially Bloated American Cancer Society Fails to Prevent Cancer

Title American Cancer Society: The World’s Wealthiest “Non-profit” Institution Source International Journal of Health Services, Volume 29, number 3, 1999 Author Samuel S. Epstein Faculty Evaluator Cindy Stearns Ph.D. Student Researcher Jennifer Acio-Peters & Lisa Desmond The American Cancer Society (ACS) is growing increasingly wealthy, thanks to donations from the public and funding from surgeons, […]

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2. Pharmaceutical Companies Put Profits Before Need

Title “Millions for Viagra, Pennies for the Poor” Source The Nation, 7/19/99 Author Ken Silverstein Faculty Evaluator Liz Close Student Researcher Monte Williams Multinational pharmaceutical companies focus their research and development on high profile, profit-making drugs like Viagra instead of developing cures for life threatening diseases in poorer countries. Viagra earned more than one billion […]

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1. Multinational Corporations Profit From International Brutality

Table “Corporation Crackdowns: Business Backs Brutality” Source Dollars and Sense, May/June 1999 Author Arvind Ganesan Faculty Evaluator Albert Wahrhafitig Ph.D. Student Researcher Cassandra Larson & Melissa Bonham In the name of commerce, huge multinational corporations collaborate with repressive governments, and in the process, support significant human rights violations. Corporations often argue that their presence and […]

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