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Validated Independent News stories (VINs) report information and perspective that the public has a right and need to know, but to which it has limited access. Before being posted as a VIN, each story undergoes evaluation by student researchers and faculty evaluators to determine that it is important, timely, fact-based, well documented, and under-reported in the corporate media. These VINs are candidates for inclusion among the top 25 stories in Project Censored’s annual book.

Presidential Powers and Cybersecurity Emergencies

In a national emergency the President has the power to completely shut down the internet in the US.  Some members of Congress are trying to even expand presidential control over the internet. Senate Bill 773, the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, is making its way though Congress and would give the President additional power to “declare […]

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Global Politicians Blame Each Other and Ignore Climate Change

Climate change is causing species extinction at a rate approximately 1,000 times normal. Leading politicians seldom take a strong stand on the crisis.  Instead it is easy for countries to blame each other and do nothing specific to address the issue. The United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen is quickly approaching and climate change is […]

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1.2 billion People in India to be Given Biometric ID Cards

India’s 1.2 billion citizens are to be issued biometric ID cards. These ID cards are an attempt to improve delivery of India’s public services. They will hold the person’s name, age, birth date, fingerprint and iris scan. A giant computer will hold the personal details of at least 600 million citizens, making this system on […]

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Mississippi Mandates Civil Rights Classes in Schools: All Students will Study the Nation’s Racial Troubles and Progress in US History Courses

Mississippi senate bill 2718, puts into place in the public school system in Mississippi a requirement that civil right era history be taught and tested in all K-12 classrooms.   The bill was passed in 2006  mandates that all public schools in Mississippi will be required to teach the Civil Rights movement in grades kindergarten through […]

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Secretive US Arms Tycoon behind New Uranium Mine in Australia

A US mining company is threatening the sacred lands of Aboriginal peoples in Australia. In the outback of the Southern Australian Adelaide and Flinders Ranges, the United States weapons and energy producing giant: Quasar Resources is venturing with Alliance Resources to mine over 3.9 million tons of U308, also known as yellowcake or depleted uranium […]

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