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Validated Independent News stories (VINs) report information and perspective that the public has a right and need to know, but to which it has limited access. Before being posted as a VIN, each story undergoes evaluation by student researchers and faculty evaluators to determine that it is important, timely, fact-based, well documented, and under-reported in the corporate media. These VINs are candidates for inclusion among the top 25 stories in Project Censored’s annual book.

Political Turmoil Continues in Kenya

Student Researchers: Nick Steblenko & David Tiedeman Faculty Instructor: Christina Knopf, Ph.D. Evaluator: Major Scott Toth, Military Science Instructor, Clarkson University It seems as though the turmoil in Kenya has been taken to new heights and many are wondering where it will end. Kenya’s government is seeking to pass an amendment that will terminate the […]

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Investing in Conflict – Goldcorp Mining in the Americas

Student Researcher: Nick Carelli Faculty Instructor: Christina M. Knopf, Ph.D. Evaluator: Trista Lang, Canadian Nurse in Central America & Rights Action member Goldcorp Inc. mining company is demonstrating North American mining industry’s socially and environmentally destructive practices throughout the hemisphere. Goldcorp, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, is stationed in Vancouver, B.C., with […]

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Anti-War Veterans and Civilians Arrested and Injured at Third Presidential Debate

Student Researcher: Katie McCartin, Melissa Bock, Anne Geiler, Ava Roebuck, Morgan Burke, Scott O’Neil Faculty Instructor: Kevin Howley Potential Evaluator: Nafhat Nasr Ten veterans and four civilians were arrested outside the final presidential debate on October 15 at Hofstra University. They were entering the debate in attempts to deliver questions about candidates’ plans of withdrawal […]

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Congressman Passing along Personal Donations to Other Politicians

Student Researchers:  Scott O’Neil ,Melissa Bock, Morgan Burke, Anne Geiler, Katie McCartin, Ava Roebuck Faculty Instructor: Kevin Howley Evaluator: Bruce Stinebrickner, Ph.D. Incumbent politicians are giving as much as 50% of moneys raised specifically for their re-election campaigns to their party colleagues and national party committees.  The idea is that incumbent politicians need to least […]

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White Spaces Could Help Provide More Affordable Internet

Student Researchers: Melissa Bock, Morgan Burke, Anne Geiler, Katie McCartin, Scott O’Neil, Ava Roebuck Faculty Instructor: Kevin Howley Evaluator: Douglas Harms, Ph. D., Professor of Computer Science, DePauw University White spaces, which are the segments of the public airwaves between television channels that go unused, could be key in providing high-speed, more affordable cellular and […]

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