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Validated Independent News stories (VINs) report information and perspective that the public has a right and need to know, but to which it has limited access. Before being posted as a VIN, each story undergoes evaluation by student researchers and faculty evaluators to determine that it is important, timely, fact-based, well documented, and under-reported in the corporate media. These VINs are candidates for inclusion among the top 25 stories in Project Censored’s annual book.

Oil Companies Escape Billions in Royalty Payments

Researched by Kerry Headley and Rob Hunter Twenty-four oil companies stand to avoid paying $60 billion in royalty revenue due to an oversight by the Department of the Interior, which issued leases that exempted the companies from paying royalties, regardless of the prevailing market price of oil. With oil now trading nearly 600 percent higher […]

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Nuclear Navy Ships

Student Researchers: Stephanie Smith and Caitlin Morgan Faculty Evaluator: Most new large U.S. Navy amphibious assault ships would be required to be nuclear powered under the National Defense Authorization Act for 2009.  Expanding the use of nuclear technology as a form of propulsion puts our sailors at risk.  The vessels’ position in combat can…vary from a ‘stand-off’ […]

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Ecuador’s Constitutional Rights for Nature

Researched by Chelsea Davis In September 2008 Ecuador became the first country in the world to declare constitutional rights to nature, thus codifying a new system of environmental protection. Reflecting the beliefs and traditions of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, the constitution declares that nature “has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its […]

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New Wave Of Oil Exploration Threatens the Amazon

Researched by Rob Hunter The western Amazon, home to the most biodiverse and intact rainforest on Earth, may soon be covered with oil rigs and pipelines. Research published by PloS One found that at least 35 multinational oil and gas companies operate over 180 oil and gas “blocks”– areas zoned for exploration and development – which […]

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US Funds China’s Police State

Researched by Lizbeth Malmstead and Allison Murray Chinese citizens will be watched around the clock through networked CCTV cameras and remote monitoring of computers which are provided by American corporations. This high tech surveillance and censorship program is known in China as “Golden Shield”. American giants like IBM, Honeywell and General Electric supply the technology. […]

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