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Censored 1978: Stories of 1978

#  1: Nuclear Power — The Dangers
#  2: Organic Farming Is Economically Feasible
#  3: Mancuso, Dr. Thomas — War On Scientists
#  4: Asbestos Industry Exported To Third World
#  5: Gas/Electric Utility Industry Shut-Offs Lead To Death
#  6: LEIU Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit: Secret Police Network
#  7: Sterility Problem: Average Sperm Count Dropping
#  8: Dams Not Inspected Are Dangerous
#  9: Mental Illness Influenced By Diets
#10: Economic Class Divisions In America Not Changing
#11: Trilateral Commission & Jimmy Carter
#12: Foreign Agents In US With Government Approval
#13: Education: Kids Hustled By Big Business
#14: Education: Higher Education Influenced By Militarism
#15: Medical Information Bureau Invasion Of Privacy
#16: Radioactive Smoke Detectors
#17: High Voltage Power Lines Hazards
#18: Uranium Mine Endangers Native Americans
#19: Beryllium Need By Military Ignores Dangers To Workers
#20: Disarmament Conference Ignored By Jimmy Carter & Media
#21: University Of California And Nuclear Weapons Research
#22: Astropollution And Space Fall Out Hazards
#23: Depo-Provera Hazards Not Told To Women
#24: Nuclear Blunder On Bikini Island
#25: Irradiated Meat Tried By Army

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