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Censored 1979: Stories of 1979

#  1: Dumping Illegal/Dangerous Production On Third World
#  2: Iran: Real Story About The Shah And US
#  3: Human Rights Violations In The US
#  4: Third World Sweatshops Set Up By US Corporations
#  5: OSHA: 100,000 Workers Die Annually In US
#  6: Nuclear Spill Of 100 Million Gallons Of Radioactive Water
#  7: East Timor Tragedy
#  8: PBS: The Oil Network
#  9: Business Roundtable: America’s Most Powerful Secret Lobby
#10: Federal Financing Bank: The Secret Government Bank
#11: Physically Disabled Are Captive Customers
#12: Newspaper Monopolies
#13: Iran: The Shah-Kissinger-David Rockefeller Connection
#14: Chile: US Involvement
#15: Iran: Embassy Seizure Of US Hostages Coverup
#16: Acid Rain Threat Still Growing
#17: Education: Increasing Censorship In Classrooms
#18: MX Missile Boondoggle
#19: Corporate Illegal Billion Dollar Payola
#20: Patenting Vegetable Plants
#21: Military Draft: Secret Plans
#22: Tobacco Lobby And Self-Extinguishing Cigarette
#23: Unification Church And Influence Of The Moonies
#24: Nuclear Problems And Three Mile Island
#25: Income GAP Widening Between Males And Females



Ray McGovern

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Greg Lukianoff of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

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