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Censored 1980: Stories of 1980

#  1: El Salvador Crisis Distorted Reports
#  2: National Security Agency (NSA) Is Eavesdropping On You
#  3: Nuclear Issue Is Still Censored
#  4: Benedictin Coverup
#  5: Third World’s Prime Land Converted To Cash Crops
#  6: Banned Pesticides’ Circle Of Poison
#  7: Space Wars: Russia & US Developing Space War Weapons
#  8: Tobacco Companies Censor Truth About Cigarettes And Cancer
#  9: Oil Companies Monopoly On The Sun
#10: Water & Land Poisoned By Dumped Chemicals
#11: Cancer: US Losing War On Cancer
#12: Third World Women Being Exploited
#13: Africans Dying Daily From Starvation
#14: Black Youth Odds Against Staying Alive Not Good
#15: Medical-Industrial-Complex
#16: Poland’s Crisis And Western Bankers
#17: Transistors: Untested Jeopardize National Defense
#18: Elderly Are Ghettoized In US
#19: Crime Bill S. 1722 Impact On Civil Liberties
#20: Russia’s Multi-Billion Dollar Debt Is Real Weapon
#21: Civil Liberties: First Amendment In Danger
#22: National Rifle Association Holds Americans Hostage
#23: Neurotic Woman Syndrome
#24: Oral Contraceptive Falsely Reported Safe
#25: PBS: Public Broadcasting System Goes Commercial

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