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Censored 1983: Stories of 1983

#  1: Israeli Arms To Central America
#  2: Arms Race: The US Never Dropped Out Of It
#  3: Nuclear Freeze Proposal By USSR Ignored By US
#  4: Agricultural Disaster: Payment-In-Kind Program
#  5: KAL 007 And The US-USSR Spy War
#  6: Central America And Peter Fox, A Conservative Editor
#  7: South African Politics Ignored By Media
#  8: Nuclear Accidents On The High Seas
#  9: DNA — Key To Biological Warfare?
#10: DOD Contracting System Swindles US Taxpayers
#11: Pentagon Seeks New State Defense Forces For Terrorism
#12: Grenada: Censorship Before And After
#13: Reagan Misspoke About Soviet Nuclear Test Cheating
#14: Personal Privacy Invaded By Technological Advances
#15: Third World Still Gets Unsafe Products From US
#16: CIA Coup In Australia
#17: CIA And The Vatican: The Unholy Alliance
#18: Starvation: Four Simple Steps To Save Millions
#19: OSHA: End of OSHA’s Safeguards
#20: Carcinogens Determined By “Political” Research
#21: EDB — The Super Carcinogen
#22: Population Control Leaders And Groups Under Attack
#23: Runaway Hormones And Precocious Puberty
#24: Hundred-Mile-Per-Gallon Car
#25: Libel Suits Have chilling Effect On Free Speech

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