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Censored 1984: Stories of 1984

#  1: Soviet Military Build-Up Was A Myth/CIA Lies
#  2: Reagan’s Attacks On Civil Liberties: Anti-Terrorism
#  3: Nicaragua’s Elections Were Fair Not Rigged By Sandinistas
#  4: CIA And The Death Squads In El Salvador
#  5: Radiation Spill In Juarez, Mexico, Is Worst One
#  6: Left-Wing Terrorism Is Red-Herring From Reagan
#  7: Transkei: South Africa’s Independent State Tragedy
#  8: Reagan’s Censorship Law: Largest Censoring Apparatus
#  9: Laxalt, Meese, And Wick Stories For 1984 Election
#10: Nuclear Treaty Broken By US And U.K.
#11: Federal Trade Commission Slogan — Caveat Emptor
#12: Arafat’s Unpublicized Peace Initiative
#13: Nutrasweet Cover-up By The FDA
#14: Defense Industry Billion Dollar Rip-Off
#15: Agent Orange And Women Vets: Vietnam Aftermath
#16: Afghanistan Rebels Receive Overt/Covert Military Aid
#17: Congress And Commodity Traders Line Each Others Pockets
#18: IUD: The Little Known Continuing Tragedy
#19: Chlamydia: Most Widespread Venereal Disease = Sterility
#20: Cigarette Advertising And The New York Times
#21: CIA Death Squads Coming Home To The USA?
#22: Draft: Its Unheralded Return
#23: Vaccine Liability Suits Create Monopoly, Damage Quality
#24: Reagan: The Strange Hinckley Assassination Attempt
#25: Sperm Whale Agreement Between US And Japan Is Illegal

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