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Censored 1986: Stories of 1986

#  1: Central American Policy Critics Spied On
#  2: Reagan: Official Information Control & Disinformation
#  3: Civil Rights: Personal Privacy Lost
#  4: Contra Media Coverage Paid For By CIA
#  5: Reagan And The World Anti-Communist League
#  6: Nerve Gas Production In Residential Areas
#  7: Contragate: The Untold Story By The Christic Institute
#  8: Radiation Tests On Americans
#  9: Veterans Administration Destroys Evidence Of Nuke Radiation
#10: Plutonium Payload On Space Shuttle Scheduled
#11: West Papua: The Unknown War
#12: El Salvador: The Forgotten War
#13: Jesse Helm’s Military Coup In Argentina
#14: Tox Waste Air Force Scandal In Oklahoma City
#15: Peltier, Leonard: America’s Unknown Political Prisoner
#16: Marion Prison: Longest Continuous Shutdown In Prison History
#17: Nuclear Test Accident (Mighty Oak) Covered Up
#18: Animal Cloning Breakthrough
#19: Feldene: Deadly Anti-Inflammatory Drug
#20: Bank Of America/California Conspiracy Re Discrimination Suit
#21: KKK Connection To Murders Of Black Children In Atlanta
#22: Plowshare Movement: Americans Obeying International Law Jailed
#23: CIA Corrupts Academic Community Again
#24: Immigration Law Targets Foreign Performers
#25: George Bush Pressures For Friend’s Hydroelectric Plant

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