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Censored 1987: Stories of 1987

#  1: Information Monopoly
#  2: Contra/Drug Connection With US
#  3: Nuclear Accidents Worldwide Unreported
#  4: Reagan’s Mania For Secrecy — Exec Orders, Secret Directives
#  5: George Bush Role In Iran Arms Deal
#  6: Biowarfare Research In University Laboratories
#  7: Arias Peace Plan Gets Biased Press Coverage
#  8: Toxic Wastes: Dumping Them On Third World
#  9: El Salvador: Censored Report Of Torture
#10: Plutonium: Project Galileo Shuttle To Carry Plutonium
#11: Honduras: US Sends Bullets To Starving Children
#12: Genetic Diversity On Decline
#13: International Court Of Justice Ruling Re Nicaragua
#14: Grenada: The Tragedy Since US Invasion
#15: FBI Tries To Turn Librarians Into Spies
#16: Reagan’s 1980 October Surprise: Arms For Hostages
#17: Oliver North’s Secret Plan To Declare Martial Law
#18: Non-Iodizing Radiation And Public Health/Safety Hazards
#19: Food Irradiation Plans
#20: Economic Apartheid Growing In America
#21: OMB Compiling Nationwide Blacklist Of Grant Violators
#22: Roundup: World’s Most Popular Weed Killer
#23: Puerto Rico: Revolution At Our Doorstep
#24: Contras Probed By Company Man
#25: Animals Tested, Maimed, And Killed Annually

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