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Censored 1989: Stories of 1989

#  1: Global Media Lords Threaten Freedom Of Information
#  2: Africa Turned Into World’s Garbage Can
#  3: Mozambique Holocaust
#  4: Drugs: America’s Deceitful War On Drugs
#  5: Guatemalan Blood On US Hands
#  6: Radioactive Waste In Neighborhood Landfill
#  7: Oliver North & Co. Banned From Costa Rica
#  8: Wall Street Journal Censors Afghanistan Story Of CBS Bias
#  9: PCBS And Toxic Waste In Your Gasoline
#10: Chicken Industry And National Salmonella Epidemic
#11: Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA Failed Nation
#12: Pan Am 103 Secret Report Ignored By The Media
#13: Banned Pesticides From US Poisoning Rest Of World
#14: Central America Environment Being Destroyed By US Military
#15: Right-Wing Sources Dominate Nightline And Networks
#16: Faulty Computers Can Trigger WWIII
#17: Rico And Slapp Lawsuits Endanger Free Speech Rights
#18: NASA Lied To Get Plutonium Payload Into Space
#19: Soviet Plea For Nuke Test Ban Ignored By Congress
#20: Native Americans: Oppressed And Exploited
#21: Drugs: How US And Media Propagandized War On Drugs
#22: EPA And Polluters Enjoy A Profitable Revolving Door
#23: Sellafield: Largest Source Of Radioactive Contamination
#24: National Parks Are In Serious Trouble
#25: Animal Rights Concerns Unheard



Ray McGovern

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