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Censored 1993: Stories of 1992

#  1: The Great Media Sell-Out to Reaganism
#  2: Corporate Violators Dwarf Street Crime & Violence
#  3: Endorsed Election Year Issues
#  4: United States: the World’s Leading Merchant of Death
#  5: Iraqgate and the Silent Death of the Watergate Law
#  6: “We Are Winning the War on Drugs” was a Lie
#  7: Trashing Federal Regulations for Profit
#  8: Government Secrecy Makes a Mockery of Democracy
#  9: How Advertising Pressure Can Corrupt a Free Press
#10: The Pentagon’s Post-Cold War Black Budget is Alive and Prospering
#11: Solar Power Eclipsed by Oil, Gas and Nuclear Interests
#12: What Happened to the EPA?
#13: The Specter of Sterility
#14: News Media Lose the War With the Pentagon
#15: Plutonium is Forever
#16: America’s Killing Ground
#17: Norplant: Birth Control or Social Control?
#18: The Censored News About Electric Automobiles
#19: Poison in the Pacific
#20: Black Gold Conquistadors Invade Ecuador
#21: How to Sell Pollution for Profit
#22: Clearcutting the World’s Rainforests
#23: Censorship Through Bribery
#24: The No-Pest Shell Game
#25: University of Arizona Desecrates Sacred Native American Site

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