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Censored 1996: Stories of 1995

#  1: Telecommunications Deregulation: Closing Up America’s “Marketplace of Ideas”
#  2: The Budget Does Not Have to be Balanced on the Backs of the Poor
#  3: Child Labor in the US Is Worse Today Than During the 1930s
#  4: The Privatization of the Internet
#  5: US Pushes Nuclear Pact But Spends Billions to Add Bang to Nukes
#  6: Radical Plan From Newt Gingrich’s Think Tank to Gut FDA
#  7: Russia Injects Earth with Nuke Waste
#  8: Medical Fraud Costs the Nation $100 Billion Annually – Or More
#  9: US Chemical Industry Fights for Toxic Ozone-Killing Pesticide
#10: The Broken Promises of NAFTA
#11: Giant Oil Companies Owe US More Than $1.5 Billion
#12: 180,000 Patients Die Annually from Treatment in Hospitals
#13: Congress Wants to Take the Money and Run
#14: The Gulf War Syndrome Cover-Up
#15: The Rebirth of Slavery in the Dark Heart of Sudan
#16: Fiberglass-The Carcinogen that’s Deadly and Everywhere
#17: Small Arms Wreak Major Worldwide Havoc
#18: Scientific Support for Needle Exchange Programs Suppressed
#19: Solving the Nuclear Waste Problem with Taxpayers’ Dollars
#20: ABC Spikes New Tobacco Expose’ When Sued for Libel
#21: The New 3R’s: Reading, Writing, and Reloading
#22: There May Be a Cure – Up There in the Rain Forest
#23: Dioxin: Still Deadly After All These Years (and All That Hype)
#24: US Trails Most Developed Nations in Maternal Health Ranking
#25: E. Coli – Now a National Epidemic – Kills 500 Americans Annually



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