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Censored 2011- New Book Release on 9/15

Project Censored’s “Censored 2011: The Top Censored Stories of 2009-2010″ is now available for pre-order here! This year’s volume is truly Media Democracy in Action. Not only does it cover the most under-reported stories the corporate media ignore, but this year’s Censored Deja Vu, Junk Food News and News Abuse, Signs of Health, and FAIR’s 10th anniversary of Fear and Favor in the News Room. A full Truth Emergency section debuts this year for “Censored 2011″ to address State Crimes Against Democracy as well as analysis of the corporate media spin that led to the Iraq War and continues to hide US allied atrocities in the Middle East.

Project Censored now has over 30 college and university affiliates contributing on our expanding websites and we introduce this year the Project Censored International section of the book, reviewing global trends in media control and censorship. Former director Peter Phillips and new director Mickey Huff describe the new directions of the Project and research methodology plus an update from Dave Mathison on Being the Media, London’s Index on Censorship and much, much more! From now to September 15th, anyone donating $30 or more to the Project will receive a signed copy of “Censored 2011″ by the editors. Regular orders can be sent through the store on the Project Censored website for $19.95 plus $3 shipping and handling. Mail orders can be sent to Media Freedom Foundation, P.O. Box 571, Cotati, CA 94931. Thank you for your support of Project Censored and for helping fight media censorship!

Here are the top 25:

1. Global Plans to Replace the Dollar

2. US Department of Defense is the Worst Polluter on the Planet

3. Internet Privacy and Personal Access at Risk

4. ICE Operates Secret Detention and Courts

5. Blackwater (Xe): The Secret US War in Pakistan

6. Health Care Restrictions Cost Thousands of Lives in US

7. External Capitalist Forces Wreak Havoc in Africa

8. Massacre in Peruvian Amazon over US Free Trade Agreement

9. Human Rights Abuses Continue in Palestine

10. US Funds and Supports the Taliban

11. The H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating Data to Enrich Drug Companies

12. Cuba Provided the Greatest Medical Aid to Haiti after the Earthquake

13. Obama Cuts Domestic Spending and Increases Military Corporate Welfare

14. Increased Tensions with Unresolved 9/11 Issues

15. Bhopal Water Still Toxic Twenty-five Years After Deadly Gas Leak

16. US Presidents Charged with Crimes Against Humanity as Universal Jurisdiction Dies in Spain

17. Nanotech Particles Pose Serious DNA Risks to Humans and the Environment

18. The True Cost of Chevron

19. Obama Administration Assures World Bank and International Monetary Fund a Free Reign of Abuse

20. Obama’s Charter School Policies Spread Segregation and Undermine Unions

21. Western Lifestyle Continues Environmental Footprint

22. 1.2 Billion People in India to be Given Biometric ID Cards

23. Afghan War: Largest Military Coalition in History

24. War Crimes of General Stanley McChrystal

25. Prisoners Still Brutalized at Gitmo

  • Gerald September 19, 2010

    “Anti-Establishment” Myth. What’s wrong with being anti-establishment?
    Should we as Americans keep going along with the establishment? Should we keep electing the same people to rule over us? The democrats and republicans are just different sides of the same coin. Thomas Jefferson said, “I place economy among the first and most important virtues and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with public debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty or confusion and servitude. If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and comforts, in our labor and in our amusements. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people, under the pretense of ‘caring for them,’ they will be happy.” We address these politician as the Honorable, they are not Honorable, but thieves, ruling over us while gorging their pockets

  • Gerald September 19, 2010

    I have a question, well actually two concerning the establishment.
    Is the well established sen. John Mccain the highest paid ( by big pharma )
    politician in the history of this country?

    How is your senator voting on senate bill s510?

  • Satyavira September 22, 2010
  • Joseph Conrad September 23, 2010

    As long as elections are privately financed with no rational controls, thsi nation will never be a democracy. A long as Diebold voring machines tabulate federal and state eletions, Stalin’s quote about elections will continue to be an absolute trueism. As long as the majority of Americans are driven to act on their “4 Rages” (Racism, Arrogance, Greed, Egotism & Self-Agrrandizement), this nation will NEVER be “The Home of the Brave & Lan of the Free”.

    As long as the 10,000 Wealthiest Old White Men continue to rule this nation, its Citizens will forever be Slaves to a Worthless Dollar and the ‘American Nightmare”. It is time for ALL of us to reclaim this nation…

  • Rob Roy September 24, 2010

    Please do not bend to the governments censorship on 911. THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD. THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY HAS BEEN SOLVED – JUST REPORT THE TRUTH(911 WAS A INSIDE JOB).

    You may as well shut down the publication if you and your staff are spineless. I will not buy 2010 if 911 is surpressed.

  • Ethen Ross October 3, 2010

    I bought this and read it, absolute stunner if i must say.

  • Lillian Lukaszewski December 1, 2010

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  • John dowson March 25, 2011

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    Thanks again and cheers dude!

  • Cindy Galliger May 10, 2011

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